Top Priorities for Planning an Enjoyable and Enduring Spray Park

  It might sound a little like an oxymoron, but summer’s over, so there’s lots to do for spray park owners and operators. Especially if you’re planning to open a new park in the New Year. Whether it’s a smaller splash pad or big enough to include spray park water features, you need to start […]

4 Ways of Choosing The Best Products For Your New Splash Park

It’s done. You have approval to move ahead with your new splash park project. Now you need to decide on which water features and play structures to install.  But with so many options, where do you even begin? If you have a larger park, the “anchor” features of the aquatic play area may already decided, […]

Our 3 Best-Selling Plug n’ Play Features

Considering they don’t need dedicated water supply lines, separate pump systems and they are quick and easy to install, the Aquatoys Plug n’ Play line of spray park equipment has been a popular choice from the moment we introduced them. As a testament to their popularity, ease of use and easy maintenance, perhaps the biggest […]

Here’s How to Refresh Your Splash Park on a Budget

Even if yours is not a standalone splash park, you know the importance of at least occasionally adding new water features, or replacing older, less used features. But, when you start looking into the cost of adding a new feature, including changes to your water distribution and/or treatment system, adding water pipes or altering your […]

What to Do When Your Splash Pad Equipment is Beyond Repair

Splash pad managers have a big headache. No, it’s not because they must constantly be vigilant about their patrons’ safety, or the daily maintenance required to keep the play areas healthy. Of all the regular tasks there’s perhaps none worse than knowing what to do when your splash pad equipment is beyond repair.   Yes, […]

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