3 Big Benefits of Instagram for Water Park Marketing

What if you could find a way to do your waterpark marketing for free? Social media marketing makes that a possibility and we’ll tell you how later in this post.  But not just any social media. Of the Big 5 of social media marketing, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram, it’s the relative newcomer […]

What Information Do Customers Want From Your Water Park Website?

When it’s time to have a day of fun or go on vacation, water parks are high on the list of things to do and places to go, especially for young families. With that in mind, you’ve allocated marketing budget for an attractive website and you’re doing what you can to make sure it gets […]

The Secret to Choosing the Right Water Park Equipment

Planning for the development, design and construction of a water park is at least as complicated as for any building project. In addition to the usual requirements of meeting budgets, building codes and the needs of everyone who uses the structure, the success of a water park can rest on a single area of decision […]

3 Reasons to Build a Community Splash Pad

If a project to build a community splash pad is one of your responsibilities, chances are you are either part of a property development team, or you are part of a municipal government that wants to conduct neighbourhood improvements. Considering that one may be a for-profit enterprise and the other a government agency, the processes, […]

The Most Important Part in All Spray Park Equipment

OK, we’re going to skip the suspense and get to the point. The most important part of any piece of spray park equipment is the material it’s made from. If you manage or are planning to install a splash pad or spray park, you might be considering different formats of water toys to fit with […]

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