3 Reasons to Build a Community Splash Pad

If a project to build a community splash pad is one of your responsibilities, chances are you are either part of a property development team, or you are part of a municipal government that wants to conduct neighbourhood improvements. Considering that one may be a for-profit enterprise and the other a government agency, the processes, […]

The Most Important Part in All Spray Park Equipment

OK, we’re going to skip the suspense and get to the point. The most important part of any piece of spray park equipment is the material it’s made from. If you manage or are planning to install a splash pad or spray park, you might be considering different formats of water toys to fit with […]

The 4 Basics of Successfully Building a Water Park

The most difficult part of building a water park may be the very first one. Where do you begin? Whether its a community splash pad, a spray park for a hotel or resort, or a full on water amusement park, the first step is crucial for the success of everything that follows. The Basic Phases […]

5 Reasons to Install a Splash Pad in a Hotel or Resort Property

  With online competition for reservations getting stronger every day, hotel and resort operators need to find new ways to not only attract reservations, but to combat price competition. If your property is kid-friendly, installing a splash pad offers a number of bottom-line boosting advantages for maximizing your occupancy rates and enjoying the downstream advantages of […]

Top Priorities for Planning an Enjoyable and Enduring Spray Park

  It might sound a little like an oxymoron, but summer’s over, so there’s lots to do for spray park owners and operators. Especially if you’re planning to open a new park in the New Year. Whether it’s a smaller splash pad or big enough to include spray park water features, you need to start […]

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