How to Customize Your Splash Pad Park

There’s one aspect of installing a splash pad park that’s true for all of them. As long as it’s well-made, and works properly, people will come. There’s something about running in and being splashed by water that children of all ages can’t resist. So the decision to install one is not a difficult one to […]

6 Tips for Closing a Splash Pad

Properly closing your splash pad for the season improves how well the splash pad equipment works, adds the lifespan of the equipment, helps make the splash pad safer, and reduces the need to repair and replace the equipment. With all those important advantages, we thought we’d give you our best tips for properly closing and […]

The Easiest Way to Add Water Park Features to a Wading Pool

First, full disclosure. This post will not tell you how to add major water park features, like a 100-metre water slide, to your shallow wading pool. Even though you might want to! Shallow wading pools and even small spray parks are under pressure from their customers to offer new options, and/or make things a little […]

Your Splash Pad Equipment Primer

The combination of greater demand, more versatile materials and advanced technology means splash pad equipment is evolving as quickly as any other water play equipment. That means, for those who manage or are planning to create a splash pad as part of a community center, hotel or resort water playground, or larger water park, keeping […]

The Surprising Versatility of Splash Pad Tipping Buckets

From jack-in-the-boxes to treats in piñatas, the element of surprise has been used to entertain children of all ages for hundreds of years. While we may be biased, we think splash pad tipping buckets are the water play equipment with the biggest and most fun surprise of all. In splash pads and water parks around […]

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