What to Expect When Opening a Spray Park During COVID-19

Summer’s here and, as COVID-19 quarantine restrictions are easing in many locations, splash pads and spray parks are opening, especially in areas facing heatwaves.  The Centre for Disease Control (CDC)  in the United States has reported that there’s no evidence that coronavirus spreads through water in pools, hot tubs, spas or water play areas when […]

Spray Parks & Splash Pads: What’s Possible?

If you own or manage a splash pad or spray park for a municipality, for a hotel or resort, or in any other type of installation, you are probably wondering if and when your park will open.  For the foreseeable future, the COVID-19 quarantine measures around the world, whether they have been relaxed, or continue […]

4 Ideas for For Splash Pads & Spray Parks During COVID-19

Most spray parks and splash pads around the world would normally be in the full swim of things by this time of year. Instead, due to the regulation of public gatherings, it doesn’t seem likely that anyone will have any fun in water parks this summer. But that doesn’t mean, as an owner, operator or […]

4 Ideas for Planning an Indoor Rec Centre

Unfortunately, most of us live in places where the weather means we need to spend part of the year indoors. For public parks and recreation departments, or hotel resort property managers, an indoor rec centre offers an opportunity to give your customers a place to stay active all year long. Consider These Ideas for Indoor […]

Today’s Popular Spray Park Design Trends

Every step in the development of a spray park or splash pad is crucial.  Without any one of those steps, including approvals, funding and construction, your splash pad doesn’t happen.  But there is one aspect of splash pad planning and development that is not often considered critical, but it may be the most important part […]

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