Are Spray Pads Educational?

Children think spray pads are a blast. Parents think of spray pads as a great, healthy way to keep their children occupied, and maybe have a moment to catch up on podcasts. But, with being so many different things to so many people, can spray pads also be educational? How Spray Pads Can Help Children […]

How to Promote Waterslide Safety

As the waterpark season gears up for the height of summer, it’s a good time to ensure your safety procedures are in place. Waterslide safety is of particular concern for two reasons. First, there are a number of safety issues that your patrons must follow while enjoying waterslides. Perhaps more than any of your other […]

4 Benefits of a Backyard Splash Pad

. You used to have to visit a water park or spray park to enjoy a splash pad. More recently, many new neighbourhoods include splash pads as part of the community park. And today, you can build your very own backyard splash pad. If you’re thinking of installing a swimming pool, or you already have […]

How Kids Benefit From Splash Pads

Splash pads are so much fun, many parents wish they grew up with them. There’s something irresistible about running through streams of cool water on warm summer days. But, in addition to keeping your children entertained, splash pads offer many more benefits. Benefits that go beyond fun and play. 1. Encourages Socialization While splash pads […]

Questions to Ask a Spray Park Equipment Manufacturer

Even if you’ve been involved with the planning, design and construction of a spray park, you may not know exactly what to look for in a spray park equipment manufacturer. But don’t be concerned. You may only work with manufacturers a few times in your career. You can’t be expected to know what you should […]

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