The Surprising Versatility of Splash Pad Tipping Buckets

From jack-in-the-boxes to treats in piñatas, the element of surprise has been used to entertain children of all ages for hundreds of years. While we may be biased, we think splash pad tipping buckets are the water play equipment with the biggest and most fun surprise of all. In splash pads and water parks around […]

4 Splash Pad Maintenance Tips

While we would all love to think that splash pads are opening all over the world this summer, the truth is your area may still face restrictions. If you can see opening your facilities in the foreseeable future, you may need to perform a particularly thorough splash pad maintenance checklist, especially if you didn’t manage […]

How to Make Water Playgrounds Even Better for Kids

Like any playground, a water playground doesn’t exist behind a fence and gates. There’s no need for tickets, you just walk up, get underneath a water toy and get splashed! Water playgrounds can be part of municipal parks and community centres, hotels and resorts, condominium developments or as part of larger water parks. So how […]

3 Types of Spray Park Features

In our last post, 3 Kids Splash Pads Theme Ideas we talked about the benefits of choosing themes for the water toys you install in splash pads. Spray parks are generally larger in area than splash pads and that can add to the complexities of choosing the right mix of water play features.  First, spray […]

3 Kids Splash Pad Theme Ideas

Whether there’s a reason, like having a great location for a birthday party, or no reason other than having lots of fun and keeping cool, kid’s splash pads are a popular place to visit all summer long. So, if you manage splash pads for a municipality, hotel or resort, or a private water park and […]

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