How to Choose a Water Park Equipment Manufacturer

You face a long list of major decisions if you’re planning a water park, spray park or splash pad. But none may be more important than which water park equipment manufacturer you choose. Of course, every stage of planning and decision-making is important. Site location, the design and layout of the park, finding builders and […]

3 Reasons to Start a Water Park

We’re presuming that, if you’re checking out a post about reasons to start a water park, you already know the obvious reasons. Water parks and playgrounds can be very profitable. You can open in stages, expanding only as revenue allows. Also, as an addition to existing community parks, water parks, amusement parks, hotels and resorts, […]

Why Water Toy Coating Processes are Important

It’s not like you don’t have enough to worry about already. But, if you are managing the installation or upgrade of a splash pad or spray park – whether for a municipal park, recreation centre, hotel, resort, campground, zoo, family entertainment centre (FEC), water park, theme park or shopping mall – you need to research […]

How We Build Interactive Water Play into Empex Watertoys®

Interactive water play is an ever-increasing trend within the water playground market. The demand for spray parks is constantly increasing as part of the development of municipal parks and recreation centers, hotels and resorts, campgrounds, zoos, family entertainment centres (FEC’s), water parks, theme parks and even less obvious places, like shopping malls. What is Interactive […]

Flow-Thru or Recirculation – What’s Best for Your Splash Pad Design?

If you are starting to plan a splash pad, there’s one decision you’ll have to make sooner than later. And the sooner the better. Of course, water flow is at the heart of your splash pad and everyone’s enjoyment of it. You have two choices for the sources of water: flow-thru or recirculation. They both […]

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