The Aquabat collection is a series of acrobatic inspired characters that add a whimsical architectural feel to any splash pad or splash park. Standing in over 10 ft (3.3m) in height, the series of aquabats are made up of six unique water toys which feature a range of colorful juggling, lifting, and balancing. Empex Watertoys, has injected vibrant colors and complex paint lines to stimulate children and capture the world of acrobatics. With the use of its interactive push button, children and parents can control the display of water providing a cause and affect methodology. As Empex continues to develop water features, our main focus is on interactivity and the art of water display. All Empex Watertoys come equipped with a life time warranty again corrosion and are painted with a high end paint system to ensure durability in submerged applications. Also, its light weight properties allows the Aquabat for quick installation making it a great choice for new and existing splash pads.

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