The Empex Aquaclunes product line is inspired by zany clowns and adds the fun they have been providing to kids and adults alike for centuries. We looked at the circus theme and thought: Why not design clowns that can make children have a whole lot more fun with water? The Aquaclunes product line of watertoys combines the zany personality of clowns and all the water fun that happens when children encounter one of these play features.

At Empex Watertoys®, we are always looking to innovate and bring children new ways of having fun with water. With the Aquaclunes series, we bring you these unique play structures that are clown-themed with a variety of fun water features that come to life with interactive wheels and push buttons. The Aquaclunes series brings to your waterpark (parques aquaticos), a new level of childlike interactivity.

Make Aquaclunes a Fun Attraction in Spray Parks for Kids – Key Features:

The Aquaclunes series consists of fiberglass structures which make up the body of the clown. The play structures come with two or more water features with which the child can interact by using a diverter, push buttons or push-and-pull handles to change the water display.

We have used the best quality composite and specialty plastics to provide a safe and robust product for energetic water play.

The key features of the Aquaclunes product line are:

Children can alter water flow

  • Give personality to play structures that kids love
  • Buttons can be used to interact with the water
  • Provides mid-level water features
  • Aquaclunes give you clown-themed, interactive entertainment for your aquatic playground
  • Children can make use of push and pull handles to change the water display
  • Suitable for play by children the age of 4 and over

As with all of our products, we confidently give you a lifetime warranty against corrosion. We understand that the prime concerns of a parent or guardian when allowing children to play with water play structures is that of safety, and Aquaclune watertoys are guaranteed to be safe for children. The design of the products focuses on rounded shapes and edges for safety while playing. Electrical and heat conductivity are minimal with our products.

A Range of Clowns to Liven Up Spray Parks for Kids – The Products

The Aquaclunes product line offers a wide range of clown-themed play structures which are capable of creating dynamic moving displays with a variety of interactive water features. You can choose from the series to see which clown or clowns best suit the needs of your waterpark (parques aquaticos ).

Whether it is clowns that sprays water from their bowler hats or clowns with three different water features and jets of water for hair, our Aquaclunes series is bound to bring a unique flavour of fun to any spray park or aquatic playground.

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