Empex welcomes young and old to take part of the wild wild wet at high noon! This western themed collection of splash pad water toys have been designed to embrace the wild west to its last details. The Sheriff and deputy have their hands full defending the town from bandits and robbers as the local steam train (aquachooch) comes rushing into town. Children can take advantage of an unique splash park with spraying cactus’, dunking armadillos, interactive water features like the sheriff, deputy, bandits, and train conductors. Of course, the clock marking high noon is present complementing the large tipping bucket (aquadunker)as a central feature. We have been pioneering interactivity and executing perfection for over 30 years. Let Empex watertoys provide your splash pad solutions with its corrosion resistant lifetime warranty and easy to install water features. Contact us with your requirements and we will prove to you why Empex watertoys are the best in class splash park equipment in the planet.

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