AD260-3 Aquaspritz Dolce Trio

Aquaspritz Dolce Trio


The Aquaspritz Dolce Trio is a group of three candy themed interactive spray structure which must be installed on a level area and is suitable for installation in a spray park without standing water or in a beach entry shallow pools with a maximum 12” (300mm) of water.  A piped in water source is required.

The spray is generated in the form of eight cone sprays creating a line of soft water display on the side of each column, provided 79.5” (2018mm), 91.5″ (2322mm) and 103″ (2616mm) heights

Operation is at a maximum pressure of 60gpm (20gpm each) @ 25psi or 3.9L/s (1.3L/s each) @ 17.5m.

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