T402C Coin Watershooter

Coin watershooter


The Coin Watershooter is an interactive water toy suitable for installation in a spray park which upon actuation sends a stream of water for a predetermined amount of time, adjustable on site as required.  The turret can be aimed side to side and up and down. A piped in water source is required.

A coin mechanism shall be supplied, capable of accepting all coins and tokens.  The mechanism shall be of corrosion resistant construction, supply voltage shall be 24V.  The cashbox and coin mechanism shall have separate compartments and be housed in a SS enclosure, each with a separate locking device.

Coin op watershooters are excellent for installations outside shallow pools or on flume rides, bumper boat at the edge of ponds or lazy rivers.

Operation is at a maximum pressure of 2gpm @ 30psi or .12L/s @ 21m.

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