Your Essential Packing List for the Splash Pad

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Your Essential Packing List for the Splash Pad

Many neighbourhoods and communities now have splash pads nearby. Still, having a splash pad packing list will save you needing to run or drive home for something that would make your visit more enjoyable.

1. Waterproof sunscreen

You don’t want to have to leave early because you’ve run out of sun protection. Pack lots of high-SPF sunscreen so you can reapply it all day long.

2. Water

It might seem odd to bring water to a splash pad. But we all can get thirsty when splashing around.

3. At Least One Towel Per Person

They’re not just for drying off. They can be for lying on, or for covering up, or they can turn into a pillow. There’ll be no regrets if everyone has their own – and a couple spares.

4. Hats

You can’t have too much protection. It can help if children develop the habit of wearing a hat whenever they come out of the water. An even better habit is to wear a hat in and out of the water.

5. A Change of Clothing

If anyone is ever ready to leave a water park, it’s often because they’ve been wet for too long. Especially later in the day, when temperatures can cool off, there’s nothing more comfortable and comforting as a change into dry clothes.

6. Snacks & Drinks

Many community splash pads do not have food concessions or vending machines. Here again, you don’t want to miss out on any of the fun because someone’s hungry. Healthy snacks, like fruits and vegetables, are also better for the splash pad and environment because they generally use much less packaging. And they’re healthier and more filling too.

7. Water Shoes

This one can depend on your local splash pad. Many pads can be slippery and water shoes will help prevent slips and falls.

8. Bandages & First Aid Cream

Even if you have the water shoes, slips and falls may be inevitable. First aid cream gives added protection against infection.

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