Water Park Equipment Manufacturer

At Empex Watertoys, we’re your dedicated water park equipment manufacturer established in 1986. We design and manufacture rugged splash pad and water park equipment strictly from composite, rugged plastics with restricted metal components that are a great deal lighter than steel. This permits us to offer a lifetime guarantee against corrosion.

Empex Watertoys® are effortlessly set up without embedded anchors or complex foundations, consequently cutting down installation prices.

The installation method has been designed to facilitate the upgrading or changing of the arrangement every year.


Roaring Springs Water Park new equipment from water park equipment manufacturer Empex Watertoys.


Spray Park Equipment

Our spray park structures are the ultimate solution to a complete water playground area for children of all age groups. Select from multiple themes to create a customized spray park that your patrons will love. Spray parks offer limitless laughs for youngsters of every age while parents can loosen up with the aid of the poolside knowing their babies are safe. Visit our spray park page for more details and start planning your custom designs today!


Splash Pad Equipment

Our splash pad solutions create a secure water play experience with colorful, interactive water park structures of various types and elevations. Our ground spray jets create a dynamic aquatic playground for patrons of every age. Splash parks can offer infinite a laugh for youngsters and rest for the mother and father, knowing they are not in deep water. Visit our splash pad equipment page for more info and start planning your design today!



Splash pad manufacturer Empex Watertoys creates fun and functional water play solutions.


Trust Empex Watertoys as your aquatic playground equipment manufacturer for all your play equipment needs. We invite you to explore our products page where you’ll find splash pad parts and more. Find out why our quality and designs make us stand out from the rest.



About Us

Empex Watertoys® designs all of its products with maximum safety and minimal maintenance in mind. Ergonomically designed, the products are comprised of tactile, rounded forms without protrusions or entrapment risks. The unique size of the components makes the units hard to climb. Produced from composite and specialty plastics, the products provide a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

Lighter than steel, the features do not require complex foundations or embedded anchors and are actually bolted to the pool slab after the water connection is made. This substantially simplifies the concrete pour and the features are mounted after the pool is complete, lowering construction wear and tear.

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