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Splashpad & Spraypark Watertoys & Equipment Manufacturer

Empex Watertoys® is a privately owned international corporation and splash pad manufacturer that has been an innovator of unique and interactive splash park equipment since 1986. We provide water toys and aquatic playground equipment for hotels and resorts, municipal parks and recreation facilities, housing complexes, YMCA’s, YWCA’s, campgrounds, zoos, military bases, waterparks, and amusement parks around the world. As a leading water splash company, we create high-quality water park toys with care and precision. Built to withstand rigorous usage and changing weather conditions, our water play equipment delivers long-lasting performance and value for clients.

We Specialize in Splash Pads, Spray Parks & Indoor Water Play!

Splash Pads

Splash Pads Manufacturer

Empex Watertoys® is proud to offer high-quality splash pad equipment for recreation facilities all over the world Splash pads are…
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Spray Parks

Spray Parks Manufacturer

Empex Watertoys® manufactures quality designed spray park equipment for facilities all over the world. Spray Parks are larger…
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Indoor Water Play

Indoor Water Play Toys

At Empex Watertoys®, we facilitate indoor recreational centers with splash pads & spray themes internationally. Preview our very best… Learn More >>

Interactive Aquatic Structure Designs for Splash Pads & Spray Parks

We design and manufacture rugged water toys and water park equipment strictly from composite and specialty plastics with limited metal components that are much lighter than steel. This allows us to provide a lifetime guarantee against corrosion. Our water play toys are durable and low maintenance, making them perfect for commercial spray parks. As one of the top water park equipment manufacturers in the world, we prioritize safety, functionality and aesthetics while creating our innovative splash toys and playground equipment.

Empex Watertoys® are easily installed without embedded anchors frames or complicated foundations, thus cutting down installation costs. The installation procedure has been designed to facilitate the upgrading or changing of the arrangement from year to year. Our water park features are versatile and unique. Clients can order customized aqua park equipment to suit their themes if required.



Aquadolce by Empex Watertoys®



Innovative Aquashooters


Aquadeks Water Play Structures

Empex Watertoys® offers complete design services for indoor and outdoor waterparks and aquatic playgrounds, with or without standing water. Concept layouts and budget costs are available upon request. Learn more about our manufactured products and corrosion warranties.

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Today, Empex Watertoys® is proud to provide top quality, guaranteed products which are low in maintenance and unique in design. For those who wish to be set apart from the rest, it is sure to be your best choice!

Transform Water Play Experiences with Empex Water Toys- Why Choose Us?

As one of the top water park equipment suppliers globally, we cater to a wide range of clients with different requirements. From water toys for shallow pools and daycares to water play sets for large-scale aqua parks, we can make it all! Our interactive, easy-to-install designs are perfect for different types of commercial splash pads and spray parks, spreading joy among water play enthusiasts all over the world. If you are planning to set up an aquatic park playground, you can rely on Empex Water Toys to source the best water play toys. Here’s why we are your go-to solution for your water toy needs!

  • Extensive Range: We offer a diverse selection of water toys and splash park equipment to cater to all your needs. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our high-quality splashing toys guarantee safety and entertainment for people of all ages. Perfect for water parks, resorts, and recreational facilities, they redefine the joy of water-based activities.
  • Innovation and Quality: As one of the most trusted water park manufacturers, we prioritize innovation and quality in everything we do. We create unique designs and craft our splash pad equipment with superior craftsmanship and top-notch materials to ensure performance and durability.
  • Customization and Support: We are more than just your spray park supplier! We can also help you as a reliable splash park designers to design and conceptualize your aquatic playground. Our team can help you with tailored solutions to match your themes and other requirements, ensuring a seamless experience throughout the process.
  • Global Reach: We serve clients worldwide, ensuring that our remarkable water spray toys and water play equipment reach destinations across the globe. Our international shipping capabilities allow clients far and wide to transform their facilities with our commercial water park equipment.

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