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Empex Watertoys® is a privately owned international corporation that has been an innovator of unique interactive aquatic playground equipment and sprayparks, providing watertoys and water park equipment for hotels and resorts, municipal parks and recreation facilities, housing complexes, YMCA’s, YWCA’s, campgrounds, zoos, military bases, waterparks and amusement parks since 1986.

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We Design and Build Watertoys, Splash Pads & Splashparks

Empex designs and manufactures rugged watertoys and water park equipment strictly from composite and specialty plastics with limited metal components which provides a thirty year structural warranty and a lifetime guarantee against corrosion and are much lighter than steel.

Empex watertoys are easily installed without embedded anchors or complicated foundations, thus cutting down installation costs.

The installation procedure has been designed to facilitate the upgrading or changing of the arrangement from year to year.

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Spray Parks

Empex Spray Parks are your full solution to a complete Water Play area for children of all age groups. Choose from multiple different fun themes to create a custom designed Spray Park for your patrons now!

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Splash Pads

Empex Splash Pads creates a safe water play experience with colourful interactive watertoys, waterplay structures of different elevations and ground jets create a dynamic aquatic playground. Splash Pads can provide endless fun for children and relaxation for the parents, knowing they are not in deep water.

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Watertoys and Equipment

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We've Got Your Watertoys & Equipment Needs Covered.

Plug n Play Interactive Watertoys®

Products which have self-contained pumps and do not require a piped in water feed.
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A series of whimsical interactive spray features with no moving parts and minimal maintenance.
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Safe, creative and colorful climb and slide water play structures for active children.
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An array of interactive water play features where water creates a dynamic moving display.
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Aquajets provide hours of fun and excitement from an array of different ground jets each presenting a different presentation of water shooting up from the ground.
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The AQUATROPICA series is a new category of themed water features with leafy water play structures and playful interactive water flora and fauna exploding in dynamic color
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AQUAZOO features a variety of friendly interactive water play animals and creatures creating water magic
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The new AQUAMAR line of products will offer a line of whimsical sea creatures, offering endless water playground fun in a marine setting.
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Empex also presents AQUAMOTIVS, a new line of cars, planes and colorful interactive water play toys.
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A series of small interactive characters such as pirates, policemen, firemen, cowboys that can be coupled with Aquadeks to cater to the little ones
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Aquaclunes add delightful interactive entertainment with zany clown designs. Interactive push-pull handles let the children vary the water display.
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Is an artistic set of interactive acrobat water features, well suited as a sculptural piece for recreation centers and sports complexes.
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An Aquatic Playground of Anticipation, Action Packed Excitement plus Delight.
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Ahoy Maties! Take the kids to the high seas with the entire interactive pirate crew.
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Ready, set, Go! Zoom through the raceway with interactive racecars packed with water jets and creative spray effects.
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Santa is coming to the splash park conplete with elves, reindeer, and the entire workshop.
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Aquashooters are your best choice when you want to make your aquatic playground (parques aquaticos) feel like a water battle arena.
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The Aquacircus line consists of an interactive circus of water events and innovative play structures that are zany and fun to explore.
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Children play in the interactive water lab packed with hands-on interactive water play.
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Empex brings the entire fire station along with interactive firemen, the firetruck, water hydrant, and tipping splashes.
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Empex offers complete design services for indoor and outdoor waterparks and aquatic playgrounds, with or without standing water. Concept layouts and budget costs are provided free of charge.


Empex offers a one year warranty against manufacturer's defects, a 30 year structural warranty and a lifetime warranty against corrosion.


With their simple universal base installation, Watertoys® features can be easily removed, moved around or renewed to update the Spraypark or Aquatic Playground if desired.


Empex products have a five coat automotive finish to provide maximum protection against scuffing, and UV degradation or chalking from exposure to chlorinated water. Empex certifies that there are no toxic materials used in the construction of Empex Watertoys® features.


With minimal moving parts, Empex products are easily maintained. Parts are readily available.

Lightning & Heat Resistance

Empex products are produced from composite and specialty plastics, offering low heat and electrical conductivity.

Chlorine Generator / Salt-Water pools

Empex products are impervious to salt water in pools using chlorine generators.

Safety and Ease of Installation

Empex Watertoys® designs all of its products with maximum safety and minimum maintenance in mind. Ergonomically designed, the products are created from tactile, rounded forms with no protrusions or entrapment hazards. The unique size of pipe makes the units difficult to climb. Created from composite and specialty plastics, the products offer a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

Lighter than metal, the features do not require complicated foundations or embedded anchors and are simply bolted to the pool slab after the water connection is made. This greatly simplifies the concrete pour and the features are installed after the pool is clean and complete, reducing construction wear and tear.

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