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What We Do

Learn about Empex Watertoys: Since 1986, Empex has designed and built water park equipment and watertoys that are enjoyed by children of all ages in over 50 countries around the world.

Our 20,000 sq. ft. design and manufacturing facility is dedicated to creative, fun and interactive concepts and designs, and the building of the safest, most enjoyable and durable watertoys and equipment.

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We Guarantee It

We are so confident in the long-lasting durability of everything we make, we back it up with a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

The Empex Difference

What makes our watertoys so creative and reliable? In addition to our great designs, Empex is the only water park equipment and water toy builder to develop its own, specialty fiberglass and plastics formulations designed specifically for superior performance in aquatic environments.

What does that mean for you?

We are so confident in the long-lasting durability of everything we make, we back it up with a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

Remarkable Material Strength & Durability

Our structural fiberglass is extremely strong, structurally sound and, quite simply, lasts a very long time. It keeps looking great too.


Unlike metal equipment, Empex watertoys will not rust or suffer corrosion from water, chlorine and/or salt.
We Guarantee It.

Increased Safety

Our plastics let us design organic shapes that eliminate pinch-points, protrusions, flanges and exposed fasteners. Non-skid surfaces mean fewer slips, and plastics mean softer landings when they happen. The lower electrical conductivity of our plastics reduces risks from electrical hazards, including lightning, and they are not as hot to the touch under the bright summer sun.

More Design Flexibility

Not as rigid as metal, our plastics can be molded into uniquely creative deigns that have more appeal for children and encourage more interaction and cooperative play.

Lower Installation, Maintenance & Upgrade Costs

Lighter than metal, the foundation requirements of Empex watertoys are less elaborate and costly than those for metal equipment. Embedded anchor plates are not required and, combined with our lighter structures and surface mounting, it means less costly equipment swap-outs and upgrades.

Higher ROI

In addition to cost savings, your Empex watertoys and equipment will last so long, you’ll have a longer time to recover your investment, and more.

We believe we offer the best splash park toys, equipment and processes.

Through experience, we know to listen to each customer’s needs. Through our exclusive materials and flexibility in design, we are uniquely positioned to meet them.

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