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Empex Watertoys® is proud to offer high-quality splash pad equipment for recreation facilities all over the world. Splash pads are water playgrounds where different water features provide an architectural presentation of water in a safe water play environment. Splash pads provide interactive and educational water play for children up to 12 years old.

Splash pad features are typically Aquajets which present a variety of spray designs from the surface. These aqua features range in height including low, medium and high-level water displays.

Browse our collection of interactive aquatic playground equipment:

Aquatons | Empex Watertoys


Aquanetics | Empex Watertoys


Aqua Shooters | Empex Watertoys

Aqua Shooters

Aquadek | Empex Watertoys


Aquatippers | Empex Watertoys


Aqualabs | Empex Watertoys


Aquatots | Empex Watertoys


Constant Depth Pools

Constant depth splash pad pool designed by water park equipment manufacturer Empex Watertoys.


Constant depth pools are generally no deeper than 12 inches (30 cm). This depth is constant throughout the splash park. Standing water like a wading pool offers the advantage of:

  1. Allowing the parents and kids to lounge in the water
  2. Slowing down children as they cannot run as fast in the standing water
  3. Provides more play value where children can kick up a splash, lift a handful of water into the air, or splash in the water

The constant depth pools often will have enough water volume that a separate water reservoir is not needed as the pool becomes the reservoir. The water is filtered and chlorinated the same as a regular pool, although the filtration requirement is more stringent due to dirt being tracked in and more contaminants in a smaller body of water.

Great Plug-n-Play Water Features for Constant Depth Pools:

Squirtin’ Frogs and Whalesr | Empex Watertoys

Squirtin’ Frogs and Whales

Waterbike | Empex Watertoys


Watertotter | Empex Watertoys


Watershooters | Empex Watertoys


Aquabub | Empex Watertoys


Beach Entry Pools

Beach entry splash pad pool designed by water park equipment manufacturer Empex Watertoys.

Beach entry pools start out as sloped splash pads and become a constant depth pool. Starting at zero-depth, the pool surface slopes at a 1:12 slope into the water until a depth of 12 inches (30 cm). The beach entry section of the pool creates a natural separation from the older children in the deeper water.

The older children will tend to migrate to the deeper water with the higher water features and the Aquadek water play structures with slides. Parents and children can play spending quality time together.

The zero-depth Splash Pad portion is well suited for Aquajets along the periphery allowing water to shoot up from the surface vertically, on an angle or in different patterns such as a fan, crown or fountain.

As the pool surface slopes, it creates a very shallow area of water which can employ certain low-level spray features and tot slides suitable for preschool children. Different spray nozzles and jets on the low-level water play features will invite the children to interact with each other in aquatic play where they learn to share and play.

The constant depth pool at a 12-inch (30 cm) depth can now include Aquatoys which are interactive water toys that contain their own pumps which draw from the pool water, eliminating the need for a water feed. Mid-level and high-level water features create a water park of mesmerizing water events, some features being static forms with different nozzles and water effects while others are Aquanetics with interactive handwheels or push buttons.

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