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Aquadome Aero


The Aquadome Aero is an helipad themed interactive spray structure suitable for installation in spray parks applications with no standing water or in shallow pools with a maximum depth of 4” (10cm). A piped in water source is required.

The unit is specifically created for all ages especially the toddlers. The children can crawl on this unit and play with the flush mounted nozzles. As one or more nozzles are covered with the hand or foot the others grow in height. Jets are very soft and not harmful to eyes.

Operation is at a maximum pressure of 45gpm @ 10psi or 2.8L/s @ 7m.

Product Specs

ID: AE447

Age Group: 2+

Water Depth: Max 0-4″ (0-10cm)

Spray: Spray Height 60in (1524mm)

Flow: 45GPM (2.8L/s)

Pressure: 10PSI (7M)

Product Weight: Approx. 74lbs (34kgs)

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