AE811 Aquabow Aero

Aquabow Aero


The Aero Aquabow is a spray feature which is suitable for shallow pools and spray park applications with no standing water. A piped in water source is required.

The structure shall provide an arch which contains cone spray nozzles, water is pumped into the unit emitting a soft conical spray inwards. The unit is a high level unit suited for the smaller children and adults alike and can be installed as a single unit or in multiples to extend tunnel. On sunny days a rainbow effect will appear in the spray.

Operation is at a maximum pressure of 35gpm @ 25psi or 2.21L/s @ 17.5m.

Product Specs

ID: AE811

Age Group: 2+

Water Depth: 0- 6in (152mm)

Spray: Spray Area: 87″ (2209mm)

Flow: 35GPM (2.21L/S)

Pressure: 25PSI (17.5M)

Product Weight: Approx. 274lbs (124kgs)

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