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Aquashooters are your best choice when you want to make your aquatic playground (parques aquaticos) feel like a water battle arena.

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Take Water Play to The Next Level with Aquashooter Toys

Elevate your aquatic playground with our Aquashooter range! Transform your pool or splash pad into a dynamic water battle arena by choosing our fun watertoys. Our collection of interactive pool water cannons and water shooters is perfect for unleashing the competitive spirit among guests of all ages. They can experience the thrill of water battles and make unforgettable memories as they frolic in water!

Spark Adventure and Prepare For Aquatic Warfare with The Aquashooter Range

The Aquashooter range offers an exhilarating experience with water cannon guns in many exciting designs. You can explore products like Aquaduel, Aquazooka, Space Shooters, and more to create an immersive water play experience for all your patrons. Whether you run a resort, a hotel, an amusement park or any other facility with water playgrounds, we have the perfect collection of water shooters for you! Browse our catalogue today to select pool water cannons that fit your theme.

Unleash Fun, Ignite Thrills || Advantages of Choosing the Aquashooter Range

At Empex Watertoys, we take pride in offering the Aquashooter range: a collection of innovative watertoys that guarantee an exceptional water battle experience. Here are the advantages of choosing our water cannon guns:

  • Cutting-Edge Designs: Our water cannons feature modern, innovative designs that are sure to impress your patrons! Built with precision, these high-quality water toys ensure a thrilling water play experience for both children and adults. Aquashooters’ innovative designs encourage imaginative play, allowing players to invent new games, scenarios, and challenges for endless entertainment.
  • High-Quality Materials: We construct our water cannons with top-notch materials including specialty and composite plastics. These materials are robust and long-lasting, requiring minimal maintenance. In addition, we treat our water toys with high-quality weather coating solutions to keep them protected in outdoor conditions.
  • Safe For Children: All our water toys meet the highest safety standards to ensure peace of mind for splash pad owners and their patrons. Our water shooters for the pool are designed with children’s safety in mind. Kids of all ages can play with our interactive toys and make the most of their time on aquatic playgrounds.
  • Easy To Use: Aquashooter products are user-friendly, featuring ergonomic designs and intuitive controls. Whether it’s a pool, splash pad, or any water play area, Aquashooter products can be used in various settings, adding excitement to any aquatic environment.
  • Custom Options: Our water shooters are available in multiple colours and you can place custom orders according to your requirements. In addition, we can customize the designs of our water cannons to fit your themes if the modification is in line with our design intent.


Are the Aquashooter water cannons easy to install?

Yes, the products in the Aquashooter range are designed for easy installation. We provide detailed instructions to help you set up your water toys.

Can I use Aquashooter water cannons in a pool?

Yes, we have water shooters for pools as well as splash pads. You can browse our extensive catalogue to find suitable options for the pool.

How to purchase Aquashooters?

We have a wide variety of water gun cannons for sale. You can choose your favourites from our catalogue and contact our team for a custom pricing quote. Once you are satisfied with the pricing, you can place an order directly with our team.

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