Q. What material are your watertoys made out of?

A. Empex uses only composite and specialty plastics which offer a lifetime warranty against corrosion. Lighter than metal, elaborate foundations are not required, reducing construction costs. These materials also offer a low electrical conductivity with lightning and a low heat conductivity on hot days.

Q.What kind of protection do you have against U/V and Chlorine?

A. Empex uses a 5 coat finishing process utilizing automotive polyurethane and a specialized multi coat clear finish to protect against the elements.

Q. Where are watertoys made?

A. Empex products are 100% fabricated in Canada with only the highest quality materials.

Q. What is the minimum area I require to create a splashpark?

A. Splashparks can be made any size. The minimum size recommended is 100 Sq M or approximately 1000 sq.ft.

Q. Can I leave the watertoys outside in cold winters?

A. Empex water features can stay out in winter as long as all water is evacuated and no water is allowed to collect. Water lines should be blown out with compressed air and ground jets should have winter caps to avoid capturing water.

Q. What water pressure do your toys require?

A. The system pressure for Empex Splashparks is 25 psi or 65 Ft TDH

Q. Can you do custom theming?

A. Empex can create theming to a certain extent as long as it follows our design intent.

Q. Can you do custom colors?

A. Custom colors can be applied in a wide range of colors and carry a slight increase in price.

Q. I have an existing pool. What Items can I place in it without cutting the existing pool base?

A. There are a series of Plug N Play features available which can be bolted to the pool, Squirtin’ Frog T612 and Squirtin’ Whale T613, and T402 Watershooter all have self-contained pumps and do not require an external water feed.
The Baby Bungee T504 and Aquawave T450 can also be placed in existing pools without the need for an external waterfeed.

Q. How are the watertoys installed?

A. Installation is quite simple and does not need elaborate foundations.
All water features are simply surface mounted to the pool slab. 8 inches minimum concrete depth is required to safely anchor most features. Some of the higher features will require a reinforced concrete slab detail.
The water lines are simply stubbed up in location and after the concrete is poured the features are placed in position, holes drilled for the flange and epoxy anchors inserted. A simple stainless steel clamp attached the spa hose inside the feature to the site supplied barbed fitting.

Q. Do you have watertoys for day care centers?

A. Yes, we have a number of low level features for the little tots.

Q. Where do you ship to?

A. Empex ships worldwide in sea containers, fully insured until arrival in the nearest port.

Q.What is your estimated lead time?

A. This depends on the size of the shipment and the time of year as January to June is our high season and lead times stretch as orders are received. Most orders take between 4-6 weeks plus approx. 30 days sea transit. Exceptions can be made on urgent orders.

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