Old Mac Donald had a splash pad, E-I-E-I-O. And in this farm inspired splash pad, children from all ages can find an array of animals ranging in shape and size. With durable, high end quality water features ranging from 24″ (0.6cm)  to over 10 ft (3.3m) in height, children can engage with highly interactive water features, which consist of wheels, levers, buttons, and pressure sensitive sprays. When the summers get hot, Empex Watertoys has the solution with the class leading life time corrosion warranty! Whether its riding a tractor and spraying participants, to running through the aquarails (spraying fence with laminar jets), kids can have humdinger of a time. Let the little ones cool off as parents relax by the splash pad enjoying some rest and relaxation.  It is no bull, this is the only place children can “horse” around and enjoy everything a farm themed splash pad can offer. 

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