Sweet!!! The Aquadolce collection was inspired by sweets, candy, ice cream and vibrant colors. With its colorful paint lines, organic forms, and abstract representation of sweets, this collection make a great addition to any splash pad or splash park. With over 20+ colorful water features varying in size from 18″ (0.40m) to over 10ft (3.3m), the aquadolce collection has a wide range of application whether it is indoor or outdoor, rooftops, cruize ships, hotels, municipal centers, etc. In the development phase, allowing a child’s mind to imagine, and dream through play and color stimulation, Empex Watertoys’ Dolce has morphed and became the go-to theme for a child’s dream land. At Empex Watertoys, interactivity has always been the focus. Water Wheels,  levers, buttons, spinning tops have all been incorporated in strategic ways in order to balance and maximize interaction with safety. Let Empex Watertoys cure that sweet tooth with some AQUADOLCE!

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