Watch Water Come to Life in your Spray Park with Aquanetics!

Bring a futuristic and dynamic waterscape to your spray park. The Aquanetics product line brings you a complete range of interactive play structures which create amazing water displays of all kinds. Turn a wheel and see the possibilities unfold! These uniquely designed pieces create spiraling patterns, dynamic laminar spray patterns of water, spinning pinwheels and spinning domes. Each structure combines more than one exciting water event to make the Aquanetics a must-have attraction at any waterpark (parques aquaticos).

The secret behind the Aquanetic line of products is the empowering of the child to have control over the result and make water do wonderful surprising things. That is why we created the Aquanetics line to bring unmatched excitement and fun to your aquatic playground or splash pad.

Discover a Zany, Wonderful World of Waterplay—Key Features:

One look at the Aquanetics product line and you’ll notice a certain fanciful circus-like feel to it. And that is exactly what we wanted to create! The Aquanetics line is all about turning wheels and watching what happens. Each play structure in this range comes with a myriad of water events that children can create and change by making use of diverter wheels, knobs and handles. With the Aquanetics line, you can also engage in bringing to life a wide variety of water effects and the amazing patterns they form.

We have used the best quality of composite specialty plastics, so the danger of breakage during play is not something you need to worry about. You can also feel confident that damage from corrosion will not be an issue.

The key features of the Aquanetics products are:

• A variety of interactive waterplay features where water creates a dynamic moving display and generates different splashes and water patterns
• The range of patterns are created using water’s own kinetic motion
• Water events can be controlled by diverter wheels
• Suitable for an age group above 4+
• Water effects such as spiraling and twirling will leave kids spellbound
• Children make the event happen through interaction—it’s excitement they can create and control

Products in the Aquanetics series are manufactured using high quality plastics, so we are confident about our lifetime warranty against corrosion. One of the main concerns of a parent or guardian when watching their children at play is that of safety. The Aquanetics series is guaranteed to be safe for children because the structures have round tactile shapes and no protrusions. Unlike metal, Empex splash park products have low electrical and heat conductivity.

A Range of Play Structures that Delight and Surprise—The Products

The Aquanetics line consists of a varied landscape of waterplay structures ranging from the delightfully playful Aquawizz and its diverter wheel, to the whimsical Aquamill providing a dynamic yet fanciful display of gears and spinning wheels.

Whether in arrangement together or as a singular piece, the Aquanetics line of products are great additions to your waterpark.

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