YO HO HO AND A BARREL OF FUN!!! Navigate the 7 seas and splash pad ports infiltrated by pirates while cooling off with Empex Watertoys! ARRRGH MATEY! Polly and the captain (aquatot AT101 pirate captain) along with its deck hands (aquatot AT102 & AT103) are ready to sail you into a splash pad of fun and excitement featuring interactive water toys. This splash park (aquapirates) a pirate theme is a very popular selection for any FEC, indoor, or outdoor splash pad. Empex Watertoys has developed an extinsive line of pirate themed water toys to ensure a great adventure. Along with free standing water features, there are also interactive Aquadeks (climbing play structures), spraying ship masts, aquazookas and cannons, ships, and the ever popular shark fin (aquafin) to put the fear into anyone that walks the plank! Plan your splash pad with confidence and lets us help you find the perfect solution you have been looking for.

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