Aqua shooters

Aquashooters —Exciting Water Cannons for Your Aquatic Playground! A great essential item for any splash pad or splash park!

Aquashooters are your best choice when you want to make your aquatic playground (parques aquaticos) feel like a water battle arena. This product line is our water shooter series for those who want to engage in some high level water fun. The series contains an assortment of play structures that can be used as water shooting events for children’s water battles on an advanced level. Water battles are one of the oldest activities children and adults have enjoyed for generations. Aquashooters is a tribute to the nostalgia and excitement of water pistol battles.

At Empex Watertoys®, we want to take the timeless pleasure of waterplay and make it even better. Aquashooters is an exciting 21st century version of the water battle. Even adults find it difficult to resist once they shoot a jet of water at one of their kids! Our Aquashooters are the ultimate watertoy (brinquedos aquatico) and fantastic for creating a fun filled water battle arena in your spraypark or splashpad.

Taking Water Fights to the Next Level with these Water Cannons

The Aquashooters product line was designed to allow kids to have water battles in a fun, exciting and safe way. We have used the best quality composite and specialty plastics so you don’t have to worry about breakage during energetic play. Even accompanying parents and guardians shouldn’t shy away from having a go at a family water combat!

The key features of the Aquashooters:

• High powered cannons that are fun yet safe
• Can be aimed up and down and side to side
• Can be used for water games
• Products can be used in splash parks, splashpads or in and around beach entry shallow pools
• Provides quality play between parents and children

Products in the Aquashooters series are manufactured using high quality plastics, and we offer a lifetime warranty against corrosion. We realize that one of the main concerns of a parent or guardian when children are at play is that of safety. Rest assured that the Aquashooters series is guaranteed to be safe for play by children. The plastic material, unlike metals, is a low conductor of heat and electricity. Hence there is a low risk with respect to lightning or a blazing hot day.

A Complete Arsenal of Safe Water Cannons for Kids—The Products

The Aquashooters line consists of exciting water cannon designs. The wildest of them is the Aquazooka, an interactive water toy which emits a series of soft laminar jets from the nozzle as the players rotate the handles. When the handles are released, the water flow stops. A piped in water supply is required to provide the unit with a constant flow of water. It is actuated by twisting the handles, providing a soft burst and allowing children to aim from side to side and up and down as they playfully shoot water at other children.

We also offer a water cannon that is coin-operated; excellent for installation outside shallow pools or beside flume rides and bumper boat pools, at the edge of ponds or lazy rivers. Keeping in mind convenience and the limitations of your aquatic playground (parques aquaticos), the Aquashooters product line contains both models of shooters—those requiring a piped in water feed for universal locations and those that have their own pumps for use in shallow pools with a minimum depth of 30 cm or 12 inches.

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