Make your own tropical water playground! —Aquatropica and some creativity is all you need! Parrots, monkeys, colourful flora and palm trees all come together to create a playful tropical world with the magic of water.

At Empex Watertoys®, our goal is to make children’s activities more fun with the creativity of water effects. Having committed ourselves to innovation, creativity and experiential fantasy, we created the Aquatropica product line for spray parks. It has all that you need to transform tropical delights into a world of watertoys (brinquedos aquaticos) and play structures that are as much of a delight to play with as they are to watch children play in.

Fun Flora and Fauna for your Spray Park – Key Features:

The Aquatropica product line is creating a tropical world of fun and adventure in your aquatic playground or splash pad. It contains floral pieces with interactive spray features, animal life such as monkeys and butterflies, and play components such as slides and climb tubes. You can bring all of these elements of a tropical play land together to create an exciting aquatic experience. We have also made this fantasy world of the Aquatropica series as convenient as possible. Easily installed, the products in the Aquatropica series can be used in shallow pools with as little depth as 12 inches (300mm) or splash parks which have no standing water.

These are the key features:

  • Tropical themed flora and fauna create an engaging fantasy experience
  • Spray features can be placed in separate areas for preschoolers and older children to age 12
  • Individual components can be arranged to create a unique tropical play land
  • Rich and colorful designs hold great attraction for children
  • May be used in shallow pools with a depth of 12 inches (300mm)
  • Highly interactive tropical environment with various water flow patterns and interactive water jets

Wherever water is involved, corrosion is usually a concern, but with the Aquatropica series, this is not something you have to worry about. We choose high quality plastics and non-ferrous materials to manufacture the rich diversity of the Aquatropica series. It is with confidence that we give you a lifetime warranty against corrosion, and provide superior durability. The safety for children is a top priority in our products. We design each product to be safe for children, utilizing forms that are round in shape and tactile and attractive to play. All products in the Aquatropica series provide low electrical conductivity in lightning and low heat conductivity on hot days.

A Tropical delight for your Spray Park – The Products

The Aquatropica line has a wide range of products to help you create a unique tropical play land in your water park (parque aquatico). Whether it is butterflies, birds and monkeys, or leafy palms and exotic mushrooms, and fun interactive spray features for toddlers and older; our Aquatropica series leaves nothing to be desired.

We wouldn’t be satisfied if we didn’t add a little of our own whimsical imagination and creative innovation to themed product lines. That is why you will find some truly unique products in the Aquatropica line, like the Aquapad, which features a cool, giant frog on a lily pad with interactive jets. Even the smallest of children can crawl on and interact with the water jets. The water features in this line of products are simple enough for a 2-year-old, yet complex enough to engage a child as old as 12!


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