Sirens ring, the captain puts on the hat and the fire truck rushes to the 7 alarm blaze. The fire is out of control and the Kids need to tame the flames!  Perfect for Splash pads and splash parks, Empex Watertoys’ Aquafire is a themed collection of interactive fire fighting water features that puts kids in control of the fire. Ranging from Aquadek play structures to ride on firetrucks, all the necessary interactivity has been added to ensure hours of water play. The Aquafire collection is a mix of static aquatots such as the fire marshal and fire crew, that can be combined with other emergency services such as the aquanurse, aquadoc, and aquachief / policeman to give any splash pad a great visual fun filled for children of all ages. Of course, no fire station is complete without a slide. Let the children slide down, be the unsung heroes of the splash park and let their imagination grown into wild flames! 

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