HO HO HO!! Merry Christmas everyone! Empex welcomes all children to a tropical Christmas themed splash pad full of interactivity.  In this Santa’s village, there are spraying elves (aquaelf), snowmen, candy canes, nut crackers (aquanut), squirting reindeer, splashing snowflakes, and the man in red himself! Using the latest technology, Aquanoel has been designed to allow children of all ages to submerge themselves in a great display of water while interacting with either push buttons, water diverters, or high level dumping water effects. Empex offers a life time warranty against corrosion to protect your investment but also keep a safe environment for all patrons. Contact us at Empex Watertoys and let us help you plan a splash pad winter wonderland. We offer hassle free quotes and designs for all of our new and existing clients. Find out how we can transform your space easily and effectively through our visualization software today!

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