Spray Parks

Spray Parks are larger areas of play which usually separate children by age naturally so that toddlers are not in danger of getting bumped into by the 6-12 age group. They provide an excellent way to spend quality time with the children where the parents can relax on the side or take part in the splashing fun with the kids.

Spray Parks can be a zero depth Splash Pad water park, a beach entry waterplay or a constant depth Splash Park, or a combination of all three.

Due to the larger area of the Spray Park a large variety of water features without repetition is required to present a complete visual experience. With the large features as focal points in each area, a variety of low level, mid-level and high-level spray features can be arranged to fill out the water play experience.

Ground jets, often animated, can be arranged in creative patterns to create surprise and visual excitement. Interactive water play features can be:

Static Water Play Features

with simple interactivity created by a series of nozzles and different water effects on the body.

Kinetic Water Play Features

is achieved from the direction of nozzles and propulsion of water creating kinetic energy to achieve movement which results in an animated water display.

Self-powered Water Play Features

where the player pedals, turns a crank, rocks a toy or pumps a handle to create a water spray.

Different splash pad themes can be applied to the water play features to provide variations:

spray parks - aquacircus






spray parks - aquanoel






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