Spray Park Equipment

An example of a spray park with no standing water. Courtesy of spray park equipment manufacturer Empex Watertoys.

Empex Watertoys® manufactures quality designed spray park equipment for facilities all over the world. Spray Parks are larger areas of play which usually separate children by age naturally so that toddlers are separated from older age groups to prevent unwanted accidents. They provide an excellent way to spend quality time with the children where parents can relax on the side of the water playground or take part in the splashing fun with the kids.

With spray parks, you have 4 options:

  1. A zero-depth splash pad
  2. A beach entry splash pad
  3. A constant depth splash pad
  4. Or a combination of all three

Due to the larger area of the splash park, a large variety of water features without repetition is required to present a complete visual experience. With the large features as focal points in each area, a variety of low level, mid-level, and high-level spray features can be arranged to round out the water play experience.

Ground jets, often animated, can be arranged in creative patterns to create surprise and visual excitement through an aquatic playground. Interactive water products offer a wonderful range of features and can be one of the following:

Static Spray Park Features

Simple, interactive playground equipment created by a series of nozzles and different water effects on the body.

Kinetic Spray Park Features

Kinetic features are achieved from the direction of nozzles and propulsion of water creating kinetic energy to achieve movement which results in an animated water display.

Self-Powered Spray Park Features

These water park features encourage patrons to interact with your play equipment by pedaling, turning a crank, rocking a toy, or pumping a handle to create a water spray.

At Empex Watertoys, we take pride in our design and manufacturing, always making sure to create aquatic play areas with safe water play for all patrons. Different splash pad themes can be applied to the water play features to provide variations.

Find out why we’re the trusted water park equipment manufacturer of recreation facilities around the world. Check out our collections below to find the perfect fit for your next project:

spray park equipment - aquacircus - designed by waterpark equipment manufacturer Empex Watertoys


spray park equipment - aquadolce - designed by waterpark equipment manufacturer Empex Watertoys





spray park equipment - aquanoel - designed and created by waterpark equipment manufacturer Empex Watertoys


spray park equipment - aquapirates - designed by waterpark equipment manufacturer Empex Watertoys





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