T438 Aquatips



The Aquatips is a truncated structure and is an excellent focal center piece for interactive water sculpture suitable for a spray park application with no standing water or in pools of varying depths. With its truncated arms it is also a great addition to indoor facilities. A piped in water source is required

The unit is themed with a series of six colorful tipping vessels with multi colored toucan patterns on each. (With a various number of characters and graphic design patterns available). The unit can be utilized as a dynamic high level central focal piece. Children and adults both wait in anticipation as the vessels randomly fill and tip over with a big splash.

Operation is at a maximum pressure of 50gpm @ 25psi or 3.15L/s @ 17.5m.

Product Specs

ID: T438

Age Group: 2+

Water Depth: 0-12in (0-300mm)

Spray: 180in (4570mm)

Flow: 50GPM (3.15 L/S)

Pressure: 25PSI (17.5m)

Product Weight: 397lbs (180kg)

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