T504C Baby Bungee

Baby Bungee with Canopy


The Baby Bungee with Canopy is a stationary shaded structure that carries four bungee supported jumpers for baby water play. Sun shade is provided by a vinyl canvas canopy in an array of colors. The unit is suitable for installation in Spray Park applications without standing water or in shallow pools, with maximum 4” (10cm). No piped in water source required.

Often a forgotten age group in a water play area, the Baby Bungee allows the parents to relax while the wee ones jump up and down kicking their feet in the shallow water. The Baby Bungee helps keep the upper body dry and keeps diapers out of the pool for improved sanitation.

Operation no external water supply required.

Product Specs

ID: T504C

Age Group: 6-24 months, max 35lbs (15kgs)

Water Depth: 0-12in (0-300mm)

Product Weight: 490lbs (222.7kgs)

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