T816-B Aquadunk Butterfly

T816-B Aquadunk Butterfly

Aquadunk Butterfly

The Aquadunk is a spray feature which is suitable for shallow pools and spray park applications with no standing water. A piped in water source is required.

The structure is themed with a colorful Ying/Yang design tipping vessel, the unit is a high level feature. Children and adults both wait in anticipation as the vessels randomly fill and tip over with a big splash.

Operation is at a maximum pressure of 10gpm @ 25psi or 0.63L/s @ 17.5m.

Product Specs

ID: T826-B

Age Group: 2+

Water Depth: 0-12in (0-305mm)

Spray: 36in (914mm) Spray Diameter

Flow: 10GPM (0.63L/S)

Pressure: 25PSI (17.5m)

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Create Exciting Interactive Fun for Kids with the Aquadunk

Want to create a magical experience for younger kids in your water playground? Expex Watertoys brings you the Aquadunk Butterfly from its Aquatropica range. It’s colourful, it’s creative, and most importantly, it’s safe for children to splash and romp in the water. If you want to revamp your splash pad or aqua dunk activity zone this summer, this will be the perfect addition that children of all ages, especially the younger ones, will love. Explore our exclusive range of Aquadek features and fabrications to build an enchanting oasis of joyful water play.

Delightful Water Play Matched with Assured Safety

Empex Watertoys designs and crafts unique spray park features that uphold the highest standards in aesthetics and quality.

– Our designs are visually attractive and powered by the innovative genius of our engineers, who ensure that the features are reliable and completely safe.

– It is designed in a way that all children above the age of 2 years can interact without the risk of getting hurt.

– The design of this aqua dunk feature maintains perfect water flow, spray and pressure for maximum fun within a safe environment.

– The choice of vibrant colours and the creative concept of adding a butterfly at the tipping vessel enhance the aesthetics of splash parks.

If you want to customize your Spraypark features based on a particular theme, we can make that happen too. Just get in touch with our team, and the rest will be handled by the experts.

Amplify Fun Levels at Your Water Park with Empex Watertoys

Empex Watertoys is committed to providing creative and well-engineered splash pads and other water park features at competitive prices. We help you create a beautiful space for families to enjoy quality time with their children. If you would like a concept design, we can help you with our inclusive custom designing services. Our water features are easy to install and maintain, reducing overall construction and upkeep costs. Call us for more information on our offerings; we will be happy to answer all your queries.


1. What kind of materials do you use for Aqua dunk fabrication?

All our products are fabricated from composite plastics, with limited use of metals. This allows us to build lighter, more durable and corrosion-resistant water features.

2. How fast can you deliver the product?

Although it depends on the size of the shipment and time of the order, most of our orders take about 4-6 weeks with an additional 30 days of sea transit, if it is an international order. We can make exceptions for urgent orders.

3. Do you take care of the installation?

Our water toys and features are easy to install and come with an elaborate step-by-step guide for installation. If you run into any problems, our team can walk you through the process.

4. Is this suitable for indoor installation?

The Aquadunk Butterfly feature can be installed both indoors and outdoors, based on your specific requirement.