T920 Bumper Boat Tipper

Bumper Boat Tipper


The Bumper Boat Aquatipper structure is an excellent focal center piece for interactive water play in lazy river or pool with a bumper boat spray park application. A piped in water source is required.

The unit is themed with a series of six colorful tipping vessels with multi colored toucan patterns on each. Participant’s try to bump their opponents under the structure in anticipation as the vessels randomly fill and tip over with a big splash.

Operation is at a maximum pressure of 50gpm @ 25psi or 3.15L/s @ 17.5m.

Product Specs

ID: T920

Age Group: 3+ Supervised

Water Depth: 36in (914mm) Min

Spray: 220in (5588mm) Spray Diameter

Flow: 50GPM (3.15L/S)

Pressure: 25PSI (17.5m)

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