Empex Watertoys® Warranty

EMPEX PRODUCTIONS LIMITED, operating under the trade name EMPEX WATERTOYS®, sole warranty is that the goods to be supplied hereunder shall be free and clear from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date receipt and includes a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

If any of the goods furnished by Seller hereunder are defective within the warranty period, Seller’s sole obligation shall be to repair or furnish a replacement for, but not remove or install any product or component thereof, unless such defect is due to Buyer’s misuse, abuse or neglect of such Goods or such Goods have been altered or repaired other than by Seller, or by persons not expressly approved by the Seller, in which case the warranty hereunder shall be void.

All of Seller’s warranties and duties with respect to the Goods shall cease and be conclusively presumed to be satisfied Twelve (12) months after receipt of shipment. All of Seller’s liabilities, if any, with respect to the Goods cease at that time, and no action for breach of Seller’s warranties and duties based on actions occurring after such time may be brought. Buyer’s failure to test, inspect and make a claim within such period shall be conclusive evidence that the Goods shipped were satisfactory in all respects and shall constitute a waiver of any such claim.

To protect your investment with your new Empex Watertoys®. Water Chemistry must be maintained in the following chart to prevent voiding your warranty.

Per NSPF (National Swimming Pool Foundation) the following water chemistry should be maintained for a healthy swimming pool:

• pH: 7.2 – 7.8

• Chlorine: 1.0 – 2.0 ppm

• Total Alkalinity: 80 – 120 ppm

• Calcium Hardness: 200 – 400 ppm

• Cyanuric Acid: 20 – 50 ppm

• Total Dissolved Solids: below 5000 ppm

Empex Watertoys® recommends all pools, Splash pads, Spray parks ext. use a chemical controller to monitor and dispense the proper levels of sanitizer and PH control.

Using large levels of chemicals at one time can cause damage to equipment and finishes. Such use would void the equipment’s warranty. Daily chemical levels from date of Empex Watertoys® first startup.

Empex Watertoys® Warranty (PDF)

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