Aquatons® for Your Aquatic Playground

Aquatons® – The Ultimate Excitement for Your Aquatic Playground

Add a touch of whimsy to your aquatic playground with interactive spray features. Our Aquatons® product line has a series of play components which contain no moving parts but create exciting sprays of water to leave kids squealing in delight. These fun water toys (brinquedos aquaticos) can be used separately or arranged together to create a spray park that is unique and exciting for your young visitors.

At Empex Watertoys®, we made the Aquatons® line to bring you simple structures in fun, tactile, minimalistic designs that feature different architectural presentations of water. Interactivity is an integral element with the Aquatons® because of the inherently playful nature of the design. Blocking one nozzle makes the water increase from all the other nozzles, which makes these waterplay structures irresistibly responsive to kids at play. Although made with simplicity of design, they carry within them a complete range of exciting possibilities and hours of potential fun. Put a finger or foot on one of the nozzles and see what happens!

Our Aquatons® series is a favourite among splash pad owners because of its versatile nature. These toys keep children busy for hours, encouraging families to spend time in your aquatic playgrounds and come back for more! These interactive features are perfect for unleashing creativity among kids, allowing them to explore the dynamic nature of water play. Often, these water features lead them to come up with new scenarios and games, igniting their creative spirit and stimulating their minds!

With the Aquatons® range, there are endless possibilities to create unforgettable memories. You can mix and match the play components to design a one-of-a-kind spray park that mesmerizes children with interactive toys and surprises at every turn.

Choose Aquatons to Enhance Your Spray Parks—Key Features:

You can elevate the fun factor of your aquatic playground with Aquatons®. The Aquatons® series were made so as to require minimal maintenance, and they can be used in many different ways to add excitement and novelty to your spray park. Although simple and unique in design, they are fun and ‘intelligent’ at the same time due to the interactive and educational possibilities they offer. They can keep children captivated for hours. Here are some of the key features of Aquatons®:

  • Easy to use simplistic shapes—so you don’t have to maintain a particular theme
  • Pipe diameter is bigger, allowing larger colorful forms and volumes of water to increase the fun
  • Can be used in splash pads or spray parks with or without standing water
  • Suitable for children up to 12 years of age
  • Minimal moving parts; hence safer and less damage
  • Do not require excessive maintenance

Products within the Aquatons® series are manufactured using high quality specialty plastics and composites which allow us to confidently offer a lifetime warranty against corrosion. One of the paramount concerns of a parent or guardian when their children are at play is that of safety. The Aquatons® series is guaranteed to be safe for child play since the design ensures rounded shapes and no protrusions, ensuring that the product is not a risk to children while playing. In terms of electrical or heat conductivity, the products are safe because the materials used are low in conductivity, there is in the case of lightning, or on a hot, sunny day, when metal play structures will typically get very hot.

Range of Products for Your Aquatic Playground

Aquatons® go beyond pure amusement. Through their interactive nature, children learn about cause and effect, develop fine motor skills, and explore the principles of water movement, all while having a blast in the aquatic playground. On the splash pad, Aquatons® are designed to allow children to interact and play with water intuitively by making use of nozzles and watching the water respond. When a child blocks one nozzle, the rest of the water spouts gain pressure. The fun happens as you block more nozzles and the effect on the ‘dancing’ water from other holes becomes stronger. Aquatons® give children the opportunity to be creative and learn as they play. Playing with the nozzles, they begin to understand the concept of action and reaction while observing how the water responds to their play.

Aquatons® involve children in a fun way, teaching them teamwork and social behavior. The kids love to enjoy water play with their friends, trying out the fun features and sharing this delightful experience. They will enjoy participating in this interactive water activity and exploring the possibilities that different patterns of play offer. Children love seeing how they can make the wildest waterjet come to life!

Aquatons® breathe life into playtime, sparking imaginations and encouraging social interaction. Watch as children collaborate, invent stories, and embark on thrilling water adventures, creating memories that can last a lifetime.

As parents and caregivers, it is endearing to watch the kids collaborate to create these basic, yet amazingly unique patterns with water toys. Your aquatic playground (parques aquaticos) will be quite the pleasant sight!

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