Aquacircus – Welcome to the Circus of Water Play Features!

Putting together water and the excitement of the circus can only mean double the fun! The Aquacircus product line is just as fun as the name, and it is a tremendous marketing hook for your facility. At Empex Watertoys®, we already work with one of children’s all-time favorite activities—waterplay! So we thought of another one of the top ten favorites—the Circus; and made a complete line of circus infused play structures that no child would be able to resist. The idea behind the Aquacircus was to bring the vibrant and colorful spirit of the circus into an innovative splashpad or water playground.

And that is exactly what we did. The Aquacircus line consists of an interactive circus of water events and innovative play structures that are fun to explore and just like the circus, even more fun. We make use of everything from climb tubes and curved stairs, to different levels of interactive play activity to create a sense of adventure and curiosity. Sliding down from these water play structures through tubes or body slides accentuates the experience even more.
A Water-Circus for Innovative Splash Pads—Key Features:

The Aquacircus product line is all about extracting the rich and exciting world of the circus and bringing it into the context of the waterpark (parques aquaticos). So we designed the waterplay structures as highly exciting and interactive play components such as interactive Aquanetics, watertoys (brinquedos aquaticos), thrilling slides, fun stairs and swirling, twirling and spinning water features which come together to create a dynamic circus of waterplay.

You can always trust us to make use of the best quality of robust composite and specialty plastics, which means that you don’t have to worry about corrosion, deterioration of the structure due to chlorinated water or durability issues.

The key features of the Aquacircus are:

• An exciting range of interactive play components in each play structure
• A circus of water events alluring to kids
• The complex and integrated design makes it fun to explore and play
• The water events are educational as the children learn about water flow, pressure and trajectories
• Provides a tremendous visual experience for the waterpark audience

We have used high quality plastics in the manufacturing of the products in the Aquacircus series so you can enjoy a lifetime warranty against corrosion. Parents and guardians are always concerned about children’s safety during play. The Aquacircus series is guaranteed to be safe for play by children. All products are tactile and designed with tactile rounded shapes ensuring that the product is not a danger in terms of any protrusions. Unlike metal, Empex materials are low in electrical conductivity in the case of lightning, and low in conductivity on hot days.

An Aquacircus to Fit Your Needs—The Products

The Aquacircus product line has play structures of all sizes and complexity, ranging from the smaller sized aquatic fun of the Aquadek to C610- CIRCUS Aquacircus and the new Megacircus which will even entice grown-ups to explore it. You can choose from the Aquacircus series depending on your budget and the needs and capacity of your aquatic playground.

There is one thing you can be sure of—the Aquacircus product line does not fall short of its name and theme. The variety of exciting components in the aquatic play structures provides a new aquatic play experience in your aquatic playground or splash pad.

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