Aquatippers – An Aquatic Playground of Anticipation and Excitement!

Let it splash, and let it splash wild and when least expected, with the artistic deluge and water frenzy of our Aquatippers! This product line of watertoys (brinquedos aquaticos) is a synthesis between kinetic sculptures and the wonder of sporadic waterfalls. We are all inspired by the exciting anticipation of the sudden falling water from this amazing mechanism of kinetic art. At Empex Watertoys®, our main inspiration comes from the pure magic of an unanticipated water deluge falling over us from above. So we made the Aquatippers not just to create a feat of playful engineering for children; they are also works of art that celebrate the mesmerizing beauty and power of water’s kinetic energy. Even if one isn’t playing with them, they are a feast for the eyes in any splash pad or aquatic playground.

Experience What Happens When Art Meets Water Play—Key Features:

The Aquatippers product line was created to bring together the delight of kinetic sculptures and the elegant quality of harmonized movement. They can serve as dynamic centerpieces and sculptures for shallow water playgrounds and spray parks. The product line contains tipping vessels which fill with water and tip randomly. We have used the best quality composite and specialty plastics so you don’t have to worry about breakage or high maintenance. The key features of the Aquatippers product line are:

• Large volume of water that fills into a vessel and tips over when full
• They are available in different designs
• They add a colorful center piece to an aquatic playground or splash pad
• The kids love the anticipation of waiting for the vessels to tip over and douse them
• They can be seen as a sculpture off season.
• The products are usable in both beach entry shallow pools and Splash pads
• Products in the Aquatippers series are manufactured using high quality plastics, which offer a lifetime warranty against corrosion. One of the main concerns of a parent or guardian when allowing children to play is that of safety. The Aquatippers series is guaranteed to be safe for play by children since the design makes use of rounded shapes without protrusions. Unlike metal structures, our products are low in electrical and heat conductivity. Lightning and blazing hot days will pose low risk compared to metal structures in your waterpark or splash pad.

A Complete Range of Different Tipping Vessels—The Products

The Aquatippers product line makes use of the natural laws of science and the beauty of water’s fluidity to create artistic water sculpture that have a life of their own. They also help children understand basic physics without them realizing it. Also, since there is complete interaction with the water alone, children as young as 2 years old can enjoy the water sculptures on a splashpad or in a spray park.

There is a large range of designs to choose from in this product line depending on budget, taste and the requirement of your aquatic playground (parques aquaticos). Some of our favorites are the Flying Fish, Aqua Dunk Quad which has four individual tippers instead of six, and of course the mammoth of the Aquatippers series, the Aquadunker which releases a huge deluge of water when it tips.

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