Aquatoys plug n play

Aquatoys Plug n Play – Transform your Shallow Wading Pool into an Interactive Spraypark

Wouldn’t it be great if you could transform any shallow wading pool into an aquatic playground? That is exactly what we offer with the Aquatoys Plug n’ Play line, bringing a world of interactivity combined with convenience of installation. We wanted to create a ready-to-play line of watertoys (brinquedos aquaticos) that were interactive and would allow children to feel the magic of water, playing with it and experiencing it like a living force that responds to their actions. You’ll find that the Aquatoys Plug n’ Play line does exactly that as well as providing ease of installation, mobility and safety at an affordable price.

At Empex Watertoys®, we have designed the Aquatoys Plug n Play line with self-contained pumps that eliminate the need for a piped-in water feed. The Aquatoys Plug n’ Play products require minimal effort for installation and can be used in a pool as shallow as 6 inches (15 centimeters). It’s an entire range of fun, interactive, ready-to-use toys that bring alive the experience of a water playground or spray park.

All the Fun of a Spraypark with the Convenience You Want—Key Features:

The Plug n’ Play line focuses on bringing to you all the excitement and stimulating wonder of a waterpark in a safe, easy to use, convenient water feature at an economical price. All the products in the Aquatoys Plug n Play line are designed with durable tactile materials that are safe for your children. We offer you a lifetime warranty against corrosion. The composite plastics used to manufacture these toys are robust and low maintenance.

These are the key features of the Plug n’ Play line:

• Interactive Watertoys® products with self-contained pumps, so you won’t need a water supply line
• No damage to the pool’s surface
• Bring the experience of interactive sprayparks to shallow pools
• No need for a separate pump system
• Unbeatable value
• Can be used in as little as 6 inches (15 cm) of water
• No worries about corrosion—comes with a lifetime corrosion warranty!
• Made with specialty and composite plastics
• Low electric and heat conductivity
• Tactile round shapes without protrusions for safety
• Lightweight and surface mountable structures that don’t require a complex foundation
• The products in this line are appropriate for an age group of 4 – 12 years

Plug n’ Play Products for your Shallow Pool

The Plug n’ Play line is designed to create interactivity not just with water, but also to help children interact with each other during water play. Whether it is the water battle with the Squirting Frogs or the interactive laminar jets of the Aquawave, the Plug n’ Play line brings children together as they indulge in the excitement and magic of water.

The toys also provide a tactile learning experience through interaction with water. The children come to learn indirectly about cause and effect and the way water behaves, all while they play and have fun in a safe aquatic playground (parques aquaticos).

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