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Aquatoys Plug n’ Play – Transform your Shallow Wading Pool into an Interactive Spraypark

Wouldn’t it be great if you could transform any shallow wading pool into an aquatic playground? That is exactly what we offer with the Aquatoys Plug n’ Play line, bringing a world of interactivity combined with convenience of installation. We wanted to create a ready-to-play line of watertoys (brinquedos aquaticos) that were interactive and would allow children to feel the magic of water, playing with it and experiencing it like a living force that responds to their actions. You’ll find that the Aquatoys Plug n’ Play line does exactly that as well as providing ease of installation, mobility and safety at an affordable price.

At Empex Watertoys®, we have designed the Plug n’ Play line with self-contained pumps that eliminate the need for a piped-in water feed. The Aquatoys Plug n’ Play products require minimal effort for installation and can be used in a pool as shallow as 6 inches (15 centimeters). It’s an entire range of fun, interactive, ready-to-use toys that bring alive the experience of a water playground or spray park.

All the Fun of a Spraypark with the Convenience You Want—Key Features:

The Plug n’ Play line focuses on bringing to you all the excitement and stimulating wonder of a waterpark in a safe, easy to use, convenient water feature at an economical price. All the products in the Plug n’ Play line are designed with durable tactile materials that are safe for your children. We offer you a lifetime warranty against corrosion. The composite plastics used to manufacture these toys are robust and low maintenance.

These are the key features of the Plug n’ Play line:

• Interactive Watertoys® products with self-contained pumps, so you won’t need a water supply line
• No damage to the pool’s surface
• Bring the experience of interactive sprayparks to shallow pools
• No need for a separate pump system
• Unbeatable value
• Can be used in as little as 6 inches (15 cm) of water
• No worries about corrosion—comes with a lifetime corrosion warranty!
• Made with specialty and composite plastics
• Low electric and heat conductivity
• Tactile round shapes without protrusions for safety
• Lightweight and surface mountable structures that don’t require a complex foundation
• The products in this line are appropriate for an age group of 4 – 12 years

Plug n’ Play Products for your Shallow Pool

The Plug n’ Play line is designed to create interactivity not just with water, but also to help children interact with each other during water play. Whether it is the water battle with the Squirting Frogs or the interactive laminar jets of the Aquawave, the Plug n’ Play line brings children together as they indulge in the excitement and magic of water.

The toys also provide a tactile learning experience through interaction with water. The children come to learn indirectly about cause and effect and the way water behaves, all while they play and have fun in a safe aquatic playground (parques aquaticos).

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Aquatons – The Ultimate Excitement for Your Aquatic Playground

Add a touch of whimsy to your aquatic playground with interactive spray features. Our Aquatons product line has a series of play components which contain no moving parts but create exciting sprays of water to leave kids squealing in delight. These fun watertoys (brinquedos aquaticos) can be used separately or arranged together to create a spray park that is unique and exciting for your young visitors.

At Empex Watertoys®, we made the Aquatons line to bring you simple structures in fun, tactile, minimalistic designs that feature different architectural presentations of water. Interactivity is an integral element with the Aquatons because of the inherently playful nature of the design. Blocking one nozzle makes the water increase from all the other nozzles, which makes these waterplay structures irresistibly responsive to kids at play. Although made with simplicity of design, they carry within them a complete range of exciting possibilities and hours of potential fun. Put a finger or foot on one of the nozzles and see what happens!

Choose Aquatons to Enhance Your Spray Parks—Key Features:

The Aquatons series were made so as to require minimal maintenance, and they can be used in many different ways to add excitement and novelty to your spray park. Although simple and unique in design, they are fun and ‘intelligent’ at the same time due to the interactive and educational possibilities they offer. They can keep children captivated for hours. Here are some of the key features of Aquatons:

• Easy to use simplistic shapes—so you don’t have to maintain a particular theme
• Pipe diameter is bigger, allowing larger colorful forms and volumes of water to increase the fun
• Can be used in splash pads or spray parks with or without standing water
• Suitable for children up to 12 years of age
• Minimal moving parts; hence safer and less damage
• Do not require excessive maintenance

Products within the Aquatons series are manufactured using high quality specialty plastics and composites which allow us to confidently offer a lifetime warranty against corrosion. One of the paramount concerns of a parent or guardian when their children are at play is that of safety. The Aquatons series is guaranteed to be safe for child play since the design ensures rounded shapes and no protrusions, ensuring that the product is not a risk to children while playing. In terms of electrical or heat conductivity, the products are safe because the materials used are low in conductivity, there is in the case of lightning, or on a hot, sunny day, when metal play structures will typically get very hot.

Range of Products for Your Aquatic Playground

On the splash pad, Aquatons are designed to allow children to interact and play with water intuitively by making use of nozzles and watching the water respond. When a child blocks one nozzle, the rest of the water spouts gain pressure. The fun happens as you block more nozzles and the effect on the ‘dancing’ water from other holes becomes stronger. Aquatons give children the opportunity to be creative and learn as they play. Playing with the nozzles, they begin to understand the concept of action and reaction while observing how the water responds to their play.

Aquatons involve children in a fun way, teaching them teamwork and social behaviour. They will enjoy participating in this interactive water activity and exploring the possibilities that different patterns of play offer. Children love seeing how they can make the wildest waterjet come to life!

As parents and caregivers, it is endearing to watch the kids collaborate to create these basic, yet amazingly unique patterns with watertoys. Your aquatic playground (parques aquaticos) will be quite the pleasant sight!

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Aqua shooter s

Aquashooters—Exciting Water Cannons for Your Aquatic Playground!

Aquashooters are your best choice when you want to make your aquatic playground (parques aquaticos) feel like a water battle arena. This product line is our water shooter series for those who want to engage in some high level water fun. The series contains an assortment of play structures that can be used as water shooting events for children’s water battles on an advanced level. Water battles are one of the oldest activities children and adults have enjoyed for generations. Aquashooters is a tribute to the nostalgia and excitement of water pistol battles.

At Empex Watertoys®, we want to take the timeless pleasure of waterplay and make it even better. Aquashooters is an exciting 21st century version of the water battle. Even adults find it difficult to resist once they shoot a jet of water at one of their kids! Our Aquashooters are the ultimate watertoy (brinquedos aquatico) and fantastic for creating a fun filled water battle arena in your spraypark or splashpad.

Taking Water Fights to the Next Level with these Water Cannons

The Aquashooters product line was designed to allow kids to have water battles in a fun, exciting and safe way. We have used the best quality composite and specialty plastics so you don’t have to worry about breakage during energetic play. Even accompanying parents and guardians shouldn’t shy away from having a go at a family water combat!

The key features of the Aquashooters:

• High powered cannons that are fun yet safe
• Can be aimed up and down and side to side
• Can be used for water games
• Products can be used in splash parks, splashpads or in and around beach entry shallow pools
• Provides quality play between parents and children

Products in the Aquashooters series are manufactured using high quality plastics, and we offer a lifetime warranty against corrosion. We realize that one of the main concerns of a parent or guardian when children are at play is that of safety. Rest assured that the Aquashooters series is guaranteed to be safe for play by children. The plastic material, unlike metals, is a low conductor of heat and electricity. Hence there is a low risk with respect to lightning or a blazing hot day.

A Complete Arsenal of Safe Water Cannons for Kids—The Products

The Aquashooters line consists of exciting water cannon designs. The wildest of them is the Aquazooka, an interactive water toy which emits a series of soft laminar jets from the nozzle as the players rotate the handles. When the handles are released, the water flow stops. A piped in water supply is required to provide the unit with a constant flow of water. It is actuated by twisting the handles, providing a soft burst and allowing children to aim from side to side and up and down as they playfully shoot water at other children.

We also offer a water cannon that is coin-operated; excellent for installation outside shallow pools or beside flume rides and bumper boat pools, at the edge of ponds or lazy rivers. Keeping in mind convenience and the limitations of your aquatic playground (parques aquaticos), the Aquashooters product line contains both models of shooters—those requiring a piped in water feed for universal locations and those that have their own pumps for use in shallow pools with a minimum depth of 30 cm or 12 inches.

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Aquatipper s

Aquatippers – An Aquatic Playground of Anticipation and Excitement!

Let it splash, and let it splash wild and when least expected, with the artistic deluge and water frenzy of our Aquatippers! This product line of watertoys (brinquedos aquaticos) is a synthesis between kinetic sculptures and the wonder of sporadic waterfalls. We are all inspired by the exciting anticipation of the sudden falling water from this amazing mechanism of kinetic art. At Empex Watertoys®, our main inspiration comes from the pure magic of an unanticipated water deluge falling over us from above. So we made the Aquatippers not just to create a feat of playful engineering for children; they are also works of art that celebrate the mesmerizing beauty and power of water’s kinetic energy. Even if one isn’t playing with them, they are a feast for the eyes in any splash pad or aquatic playground.

Experience What Happens When Art Meets Water Play—Key Features:

The Aquatippers product line was created to bring together the delight of kinetic sculptures and the elegant quality of harmonized movement. They can serve as dynamic centerpieces and sculptures for shallow water playgrounds and spray parks. The product line contains tipping vessels which fill with water and tip randomly. We have used the best quality composite and specialty plastics so you don’t have to worry about breakage or high maintenance. The key features of the Aquatippers product line are:

• Large volume of water that fills into a vessel and tips over when full
• They are available in different designs
• They add a colorful center piece to an aquatic playground or splash pad
• The kids love the anticipation of waiting for the vessels to tip over and douse them
• They can be seen as a sculpture off season.
• The products are usable in both beach entry shallow pools and Splash pads
• Products in the Aquatippers series are manufactured using high quality plastics, which offer a lifetime warranty against corrosion. One of the main concerns of a parent or guardian when allowing children to play is that of safety. The Aquatippers series is guaranteed to be safe for play by children since the design makes use of rounded shapes without protrusions. Unlike metal structures, our products are low in electrical and heat conductivity. Lightning and blazing hot days will pose low risk compared to metal structures in your waterpark or splash pad.

A Complete Range of Different Tipping Vessels—The Products

The Aquatippers product line makes use of the natural laws of science and the beauty of water’s fluidity to create artistic water sculpture that have a life of their own. They also help children understand basic physics without them realizing it. Also, since there is complete interaction with the water alone, children as young as 2 years old can enjoy the water sculptures on a splashpad or in a spray park.

There is a large range of designs to choose from in this product line depending on budget, taste and the requirement of your aquatic playground (parques aquaticos). Some of our favorites are the Flying Fish, Aqua Dunk Quad which has four individual tippers instead of six, and of course the mammoth of the Aquatippers series, the Aquadunker which releases a huge deluge of water when it tips.

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Aquanetic s

Watch Water Come to Life in your Spray Park with Aquanetics!

Bring a futuristic and dynamic waterscape to your spray park. The Aquanetics product line brings you a complete range of interactive play structures which create amazing water displays of all kinds. Turn a wheel and see the possibilities unfold! These uniquely designed pieces create spiraling patterns, dynamic laminar spray patterns of water, spinning pinwheels and spinning domes. Each structure combines more than one exciting water event to make the Aquanetics a must-have attraction at any waterpark (parques aquaticos).

The secret behind the Aquanetic line of products is the empowering of the child to have control over the result and make water do wonderful surprising things. That is why we created the Aquanetics line to bring unmatched excitement and fun to your aquatic playground or splash pad.

Discover a Zany, Wonderful World of Waterplay—Key Features:

One look at the Aquanetics product line and you’ll notice a certain fanciful circus-like feel to it. And that is exactly what we wanted to create! The Aquanetics line is all about turning wheels and watching what happens. Each play structure in this range comes with a myriad of water events that children can create and change by making use of diverter wheels, knobs and handles. With the Aquanetics line, you can also engage in bringing to life a wide variety of water effects and the amazing patterns they form.

We have used the best quality of composite specialty plastics, so the danger of breakage during play is not something you need to worry about. You can also feel confident that damage from corrosion will not be an issue.

The key features of the Aquanetics products are:

• A variety of interactive waterplay features where water creates a dynamic moving display and generates different splashes and water patterns
• The range of patterns are created using water’s own kinetic motion
• Water events can be controlled by diverter wheels
• Suitable for an age group above 4+
• Water effects such as spiraling and twirling will leave kids spellbound
• Children make the event happen through interaction—it’s excitement they can create and control

Products in the Aquanetics series are manufactured using high quality plastics, so we are confident about our lifetime warranty against corrosion. One of the main concerns of a parent or guardian when watching their children at play is that of safety. The Aquanetics series is guaranteed to be safe for children because the structures have round tactile shapes and no protrusions. Unlike metal, Empex splash park products have low electrical and heat conductivity.

A Range of Play Structures that Delight and Surprise—The Products

The Aquanetics line consists of a varied landscape of waterplay structures ranging from the delightfully playful Aquawizz and its diverter wheel, to the whimsical Aquamill providing a dynamic yet fanciful display of gears and spinning wheels.

Whether in arrangement together or as a singular piece, the Aquanetics line of products are great additions to your waterpark.

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Aquacircu s

Aquacircus – Welcome to the Circus of Water Play Features!

Putting together water and the excitement of the circus can only mean double the fun! The Aquacircus product line is just as fun as the name, and it is a tremendous marketing hook for your facility. At Empex Watertoys®, we already work with one of children’s all-time favorite activities—waterplay! So we thought of another one of the top ten favorites—the Circus; and made a complete line of circus infused play structures that no child would be able to resist. The idea behind the Aquacircus was to bring the vibrant and colorful spirit of the circus into an innovative splashpad or water playground.

And that is exactly what we did. The Aquacircus line consists of an interactive circus of water events and innovative play structures that are fun to explore and just like the circus, even more fun. We make use of everything from climb tubes and curved stairs, to different levels of interactive play activity to create a sense of adventure and curiosity. Sliding down from these water play structures through tubes or body slides accentuates the experience even more.
A Water-Circus for Innovative Splash Pads—Key Features:

The Aquacircus product line is all about extracting the rich and exciting world of the circus and bringing it into the context of the waterpark (parques aquaticos). So we designed the waterplay structures as highly exciting and interactive play components such as interactive Aquanetics, watertoys (brinquedos aquaticos), thrilling slides, fun stairs and swirling, twirling and spinning water features which come together to create a dynamic circus of waterplay.

You can always trust us to make use of the best quality of robust composite and specialty plastics, which means that you don’t have to worry about corrosion, deterioration of the structure due to chlorinated water or durability issues.

The key features of the Aquacircus are:

• An exciting range of interactive play components in each play structure
• A circus of water events alluring to kids
• The complex and integrated design makes it fun to explore and play
• The water events are educational as the children learn about water flow, pressure and trajectories
• Provides a tremendous visual experience for the waterpark audience

We have used high quality plastics in the manufacturing of the products in the Aquacircus series so you can enjoy a lifetime warranty against corrosion. Parents and guardians are always concerned about children’s safety during play. The Aquacircus series is guaranteed to be safe for play by children. All products are tactile and designed with tactile rounded shapes ensuring that the product is not a danger in terms of any protrusions. Unlike metal, Empex materials are low in electrical conductivity in the case of lightning, and low in conductivity on hot days.

An Aquacircus to Fit Your Needs—The Products

The Aquacircus product line has play structures of all sizes and complexity, ranging from the smaller sized aquatic fun of the Aquadek to C610- CIRCUS Aquacircus and the new Megacircus which will even entice grown-ups to explore it. You can choose from the Aquacircus series depending on your budget and the needs and capacity of your aquatic playground.

There is one thing you can be sure of—the Aquacircus product line does not fall short of its name and theme. The variety of exciting components in the aquatic play structures provides a new aquatic play experience in your aquatic playground or splash pad.

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The Empex Aquaclunes product line is inspired by zany clowns and adds the fun they have been providing to kids and adults alike for centuries. We looked at the circus theme and thought: Why not design clowns that can make children have a whole lot more fun with water? The Aquaclunes product line of watertoys combines the zany personality of clowns and all the water fun that happens when children encounter one of these play features.

At Empex Watertoys®, we are always looking to innovate and bring children new ways of having fun with water. With the Aquaclunes series, we bring you these unique play structures that are clown-themed with a variety of fun water features that come to life with interactive wheels and push buttons. The Aquaclunes series brings to your waterpark (parques aquaticos), a new level of childlike interactivity.

Make Aquaclunes a Fun Attraction in Spray Parks for Kids – Key Features:

The Aquaclunes series consists of fiberglass structures which make up the body of the clown. The play structures come with two or more water features with which the child can interact by using a diverter, push buttons or push-and-pull handles to change the water display.

We have used the best quality composite and specialty plastics to provide a safe and robust product for energetic water play.

The key features of the Aquaclunes product line are:

Children can alter water flow

  • Give personality to play structures that kids love
  • Buttons can be used to interact with the water
  • Provides mid-level water features
  • Aquaclunes give you clown-themed, interactive entertainment for your aquatic playground
  • Children can make use of push and pull handles to change the water display
  • Suitable for play by children the age of 4 and over

As with all of our products, we confidently give you a lifetime warranty against corrosion. We understand that the prime concerns of a parent or guardian when allowing children to play with water play structures is that of safety, and Aquaclune watertoys are guaranteed to be safe for children. The design of the products focuses on rounded shapes and edges for safety while playing. Electrical and heat conductivity are minimal with our products.

A Range of Clowns to Liven Up Spray Parks for Kids – The Products

The Aquaclunes product line offers a wide range of clown-themed play structures which are capable of creating dynamic moving displays with a variety of interactive water features. You can choose from the series to see which clown or clowns best suit the needs of your waterpark (parques aquaticos ).

Whether it is clowns that sprays water from their bowler hats or clowns with three different water features and jets of water for hair, our Aquaclunes series is bound to bring a unique flavour of fun to any spray park or aquatic playground.

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Make your own tropical water playground! —Aquatropica and some creativity is all you need! Parrots, monkeys, colourful flora and palm trees all come together to create a playful tropical world with the magic of water.

At Empex Watertoys®, our goal is to make children’s activities more fun with the creativity of water effects. Having committed ourselves to innovation, creativity and experiential fantasy, we created the Aquatropica product line for spray parks. It has all that you need to transform tropical delights into a world of watertoys (brinquedos aquaticos) and play structures that are as much of a delight to play with as they are to watch children play in.

Fun Flora and Fauna for your Spray Park – Key Features:

The Aquatropica product line is creating a tropical world of fun and adventure in your aquatic playground or splash pad. It contains floral pieces with interactive spray features, animal life such as monkeys and butterflies, and play components such as slides and climb tubes. You can bring all of these elements of a tropical play land together to create an exciting aquatic experience. We have also made this fantasy world of the Aquatropica series as convenient as possible. Easily installed, the products in the Aquatropica series can be used in shallow pools with as little depth as 12 inches (300mm) or splash parks which have no standing water.

These are the key features:

  • Tropical themed flora and fauna create an engaging fantasy experience
  • Spray features can be placed in separate areas for preschoolers and older children to age 12
  • Individual components can be arranged to create a unique tropical play land
  • Rich and colorful designs hold great attraction for children
  • May be used in shallow pools with a depth of 12 inches (300mm)
  • Highly interactive tropical environment with various water flow patterns and interactive water jets

Wherever water is involved, corrosion is usually a concern, but with the Aquatropica series, this is not something you have to worry about. We choose high quality plastics and non-ferrous materials to manufacture the rich diversity of the Aquatropica series. It is with confidence that we give you a lifetime warranty against corrosion, and provide superior durability. The safety for children is a top priority in our products. We design each product to be safe for children, utilizing forms that are round in shape and tactile and attractive to play. All products in the Aquatropica series provide low electrical conductivity in lightning and low heat conductivity on hot days.

A Tropical delight for your Spray Park – The Products

The Aquatropica line has a wide range of products to help you create a unique tropical play land in your water park (parque aquatico). Whether it is butterflies, birds and monkeys, or leafy palms and exotic mushrooms, and fun interactive spray features for toddlers and older; our Aquatropica series leaves nothing to be desired.

We wouldn’t be satisfied if we didn’t add a little of our own whimsical imagination and creative innovation to themed product lines. That is why you will find some truly unique products in the Aquatropica line, like the Aquapad, which features a cool, giant frog on a lily pad with interactive jets. Even the smallest of children can crawl on and interact with the water jets. The water features in this line of products are simple enough for a 2-year-old, yet complex enough to engage a child as old as 12!

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