3 Hallmarks of the Best Splash Pad Equipment | Oct. 20th, 2020

October 20th, 2020

As splash pad operators at recreation facilities, resorts and amusement parks in the northern hemisphere use this off-season to prepare for next year, the thought of adding new splash pad equipment is never entirely out-of-mind.

But where do you begin? With all the options for water features in a splash pad, just starting your search can be one of the most difficult steps to take.

Look for These Hallmarks of the Best Splash Pad Equipment

From simply determining which features are suitable for splash pads, to finding those that fit with your current pad layout and theme, you have a daunting task ahead of you. To help you get started, and get ready for next season sooner, look for these characteristics in any water play equipment you choose.

Safety – Yes, you know this one. But, while you won’t consider any equipment that isn’t safe to use day-to-day, what happens to it in exceptional circumstances. For example, what happens to the equipment if it gets repeatedly scuffed, exposed to UV radiation and chlorine? While most equipment has some tolerance to those elements, how well will the equipment you choose handle them?

Interactivity – Splashing water is fun. But how that element of fun is presented in your play equipment can make a big difference in how much your patrons enjoy your splash pad. Interactivity helps turn up the fun factor more than a few notches. Look for equipment that offers more options for interacting with the water feature, and interacting with others while using the water feature.

Durability – There are obvious bottom-line benefits to choosing equipment that lasts longer. But durability goes beyond equipment lifespan. For example, the cost savings of long-lasting equipment can be eroded if it requires complex installation procedures and frequent or difficult maintenance schedules. Also, if the equipment is truly “durable”, the manufacturer should back that up with a solid warranty to prove it.

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