What To Add To Your Spray Park To Increase Its Value

Spray Park To Increase Its Value

February 14th, 2023

Spray parks, without a doubt, are entertaining for adults and children. With various water features designed specifically for interactive water play, you won’t have as much fun anywhere else. One of the highlights of going to a spray park is the aquatic features designed for certain activities. Their size, colours, and function make it fun for everyone.

Here are some things you should add to a spray park to increase its value.

Dunk Bucket

What’s better than the anticipation of waiting for a bucket of water to tip over – on your head! Children and adults find this invigorating and exciting, waiting to be drenched in all the water. Although they can take a while to fill up and tip, this just adds to the anticipation. It can encourage others to come to your spray park and increase its value as it is an highly visible and engaging feature.

Water Canons

Water canons in spray parks are not portable. You cannot simply pick them up and run around with them. They are secured into the ground and can be used by children to spray their surroundings. It can be a fun feature for adults who want to have a water gun battle with their children, or simply for children alone. You can see how far the water shoots and play games with it.

Aquadek with slides

One of the other more eye-catching features is an Aquadek with slides for various ages. Children are in awe of colorful water play structures that look like fun. Choose from a vaiety of themes and colors. You’ll notice the lineup to the slides and the fun children have going down it. For extra safety, you can add a landing pad at the bottom so children do not slide onto the ground. You can even design the Aquadek to go into shallow water with a big splash.

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