3 ‘Signature’ Splash Pad Features

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February 17th, 2023

When designing a splash pad, chances are you want it to stand out from others. Whether it is the colours or theme, making it different can bring more visitors to the park. One way to make a splash pad stand out is to have ‘signature’ water features. Those that you can make unique to your pad, or that are not so common. Whether they be big or small, the features alone can add that extra bit of excitement and desirability you need.

Here are some rare water features you can consider for your splash pad build.

Unique Feature Design

Many splashpads look alike so it is important to install unique designs to differentiate from all the rest. This will give your splashpad a bigger, bolder and brighter presentation. Interactivity must play a large part in signature water features. Features with interactive nozzles, handwheels, and push-pull levers empower the youngsters to vary the resulting water effects by their actions.

Themed Features

If your splash pad has a theme, then having features to bring the theme to life is essential. For example, if your splash pad is pirate-themed, a pirate ship slide or a shooter that looks like a canon would help to complete the theme. These themed features can vary and are dependent on the design of the splash pad. However, they can help make your splash pad a standout attraction.

Tipping Bucket

Tipping buckets add excitement to splash pads. The anticipation of when the bucket will tip has kids and adults entertained for hours. It is one feature that is not necessarily uncommon, but adds massive value to your splash pad. And, it can make first time visitors the the park regular visitors.

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