3 Kids Splash Pad Theme Ideas | June 2nd, 2021

June 2nd, 2021

Whether there’s a reason, like having a great location for a birthday party, or no reason other than having lots of fun and keeping cool, kid’s splash pads are a popular place to visit all summer long.

So, if you manage splash pads for a municipality, hotel or resort, or a private water park and playground, it’s not difficult to attract people to your installation.

But imagine if you could turn the fun, interactivity and enjoyment up a notch or two. Suddenly, your splash pad goes from being a regular water play area to being the most popular spot in the community.

Kids Splash Pad Theme Ideas for Even More Fun

The beauty of choosing a theme for your splash pad is that the theme has similar water features, including tipping buckets, water sprays, and it has the added benefit of giving your splash pad a more coordinated, designed feel.

Aquatots – Use Aquatots to populate your theme with characters from children’s stories and imaginations. The Kings & Queens, Witches & Wizards, Doctors & Nurses, all shoot steady streams of water that are fun to run through and play in.

Aquatippers – Did we say something about tipping buckets? Well, what about tipping butterflies, dolphins and lollipops to fit into your chosen theme? Packing all the fun of traditional tipping buckets, these water features help stir the imagination.

Aquadeks – This is your chance to give your splash pad the look and feel of a larger water park while keeping everything fun and safe for your guests. Each Aquadek can be its own theme, including circuses and tropical scenes. They can include open and tubular slides, spray features and tipping features.

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