3 Marketing Tips for Water Parks During COVID-19 | Sept. 22nd, 2020

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September 22nd, 2020

Whether or not you were able to open your splash pad or spray park this summer, marketing your facility may be far down your list of things to do. With the health and safety concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new regulations and procedures, and budget squeezes, no one can be blamed for choosing to shelve any initiatives that aren’t necessary for the safe operation of their facility.

But marketing can be a powerful tool in helping to keep your patrons and staff safe and healthy. Even if you’ve closed your spray park or splash pad for the season, now’s a great time to start planning to put the power of marketing to work in making next season safer and better.

Tips for Marketing Splash Pads and Spray Parks During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Consider the following to fine-tune your marketing tips for water parks, including websites, social media, broadcast media and print pieces, to send the right messages during COVID-19.

Where to Begin

If you’re looking for direction in revising your spray park marketing, you can start with the changes you’ve made due to the pandemic. Just a few examples include promoting hand sanitizing stations, reserving a visiting time, and practising social distancing.


This one may be a two-part initiative. First, take a look at all your current marketing materials and properties. What images do you see? While the standard imagery of a splash park full of people enjoying the spray park worked before, it sends the wrong message now. Of course, the second part is to create and promote imagery that sends the right message, including the use of face masks at concessions, washing hands whenever possible and maintaining safe distances from each other.

Promote Safety Procedures

While the images you choose for your marketing will help get the point across, there’s nothing wrong with literally spelling out what your patrons should expect when they visit your park. Think about using images of your safety-related signage, or of parents helping their children to sanitize.

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