3 More of Our Favourite Water Park Play Structures | July 5th, 2019

Aquatropica hits Madrid, Spain!

July 5th, 2019

Designing water park play structures is no easy feat. Spray park designers must create an attractive visual appeal in a structure with multiple water features, while considering its safe use by people of all ages and abilities, and with enough space between each piece of water park or splash pad equipment to allow for an enjoyable aquatic play experience.

Phew! And they must do that for each play structure. We should know. It’s what we do and we are very proud when we achieve that unique combination of elements that goes into a successful structure.

As we told you in our first post about our top water park play structures, of all water park equipment, structures have some unique characteristics, including:

Multiple Features – In contrast to a water feature, like a water squirter, structures include multiple water play features in a single design.

Space Considerations – Quite simply, a small community splash pad or spray park may not have enough room to safely house a structure. And even managers of larger water parks must consider space limitations when choosing water features and structures.

Our Favourite Water Park Play Structures

We call our water play structures Aquadeks, and the following are among our favourites.

1) The Aquadek Castle – As we said, a great water play structure is a combination of visual appeal and water features. This one is straight out of a fairy tale of castles, complete with a built-in moat!

Suitable for ages two and up, you’ll find three gentle water slides, including a tube, multiple play levels and spray features in the castle towers.

2) Aquadek Tropica – Water better place to cool off with some water play than in a jungle?! In addition to the creative jungle motif, Tropica offers a good -sized play areas water slides of all sizes and water features that include a dunking station.

3) C1410 Aquadek Circus – Like in every circus, there’s a lot going on in the C1410. As park goers progress through the play space, they can enjoy ever-longer water slides, including a covered slide with two full loops. And there are lots of water features to try between the slides.

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