3 Reasons to Build a Community Splash Pad | Dec. 5th, 2019

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December 5th, 2019

If a project to build a community splash pad is one of your responsibilities, chances are you are either part of a property development team, or you are part of a municipal government that wants to conduct neighbourhood improvements.

Considering that one may be a for-profit enterprise and the other a government agency, the processes, realities and timelines for getting the splash pad planned, designed and built may be quite different from one role to the next.

But, amazingly, despite the different circumstances under which a splash pad build can take place, the benefits of launching the project are quite similar

The Benefits of Building a Community Splash Pad

Whether you’re enhancing a residential real estate development, or improving an existing community, the following are among the reasons for building a community splash pad.

It Helps Bring the Community Together – It isn’t until neighbours actually venture outside that they see and meet others in the community. A splash pad puts to work a powerful force to get parents out of the house – the ‘pester power’ of children. And then, once they’re at the splash pad, the opposite happens. The kids stop pestering because they have something interactive to do. Furthermore, a stronger sense of community helps improve real estate developers’ reputation for building great neighbourhoods. And municipalities can enjoy more tax-payer satisfaction.

It’s Cost Effective – While splash pad equipment and installation can seem daunting, it definitely doesn’t have to be. New, more durable, low-maintenance materials, and “plug n play” installation, make a splash pad surprisingly easy to include in any new development or upgrade to an existing community.

Improves Real Estate Value – A splash pad is a desirable and high profile addition to any neighbourhood. Whether homebuyers have a family, or they are planning one, a spray park instantly gives a neighbourhood the feel of a great place to raise children.

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