3 Types of Spray Park Features | June 7th, 2021

June 7th, 2021

In our last post, 3 Kids Splash Pads Theme Ideas we talked about the benefits of choosing themes for the water toys you install in splash pads.

Spray parks are generally larger in area than splash pads and that can add to the complexities of choosing the right mix of water play features.

First, spray parks need to appeal to a wider age range versus the younger target demographic of a splash park. You may need to consider different areas of play, appealing to different age groups.

The inclusion of older children in the mix of guests at a spray park gives you more options for designing water play areas. Splash pads generally use only the first option.

Zero Depth

Areas that are designed to drain away water immediately and avoid any accumulation of water, thereby eliminating the risk of anyone falling into the water, are called “zero-depth” areas.

Constant Depth Pools

Built to hold water at a certain depth across the entire play area, constant depth pools let guests splash as they run around the pool. The water in constant depth pools is generally no deeper than 30 cm or 12 inches.

Beach Entry Pools

Beach entry pools combine the features of zero depth and constant depth pool areas. The perimeter of a beach entry pool area is zero depth. The floor of the pool gradually slopes inward from the perimeter to the depth of a constant depth pool in the centre.

Combine All Three

Some water park play areas combine all three all the other play area options into one larger space.

Types of Spray Park Features

With every different format of the play area at their disposal, designers can also choose from any of the three main types of spray park equipment.

Starting with ground jets located strategically around a play area to heighten the element of surprise, through a full range of interactive water toys, including a variety of low-level, mid-level, and high-level spray features, spray parks can deliver a high level of variety and creativity in their designs.

Static Spray Park Features

Relatively simple water playground equipment that includes an array of nozzles, at different points on the equipment, capable of producing different water effects.

Kinetic Spray Park Features

Kinetic features spray water through nozzles that are specifically directed to give kinetic energy and movement to a feature resulting in an animated display.

Self-Powered Spray Park Features

For the most interactivity, self-powered water features invite users to interact with the equipment, either by pedalling, turning cranks, rocking back and forth or pumping, to spray water through and nozzle.

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