3 Water Toys to Transform Your Wading Pool | Feb. 11th, 2021

February 11th, 2021

Children are amazing. Give them the simplest things – a ball, a skipping rope, even a cardboard box – and they will find a way to have hours of fun with it.

It’s part of the reason for the popularity of wading pools. Give children just six inches of water in a pool, and they will play all day.

So what would happen if you turned that wading pool into a spray park? Complete with safe, colourful, imaginative water toys that kids could enjoy for an entirely new level of interactive fun?

Suddenly your wading pool becomes a more attractive feature of the neighbourhood, community centre or resort.

But what if you don’t have the budget for spray park equipment to convert a wading pool into a splash pad? Why even think about it, no matter how good an idea it is?

Because it’s probably much easier and less costly than you think.

Transform a Wading Pool Into a Spray Park with Water Toys

You’re not wrong to think that converting a wading pool into a splash pad can be costly. After all, you’ll need to renovate your water pad, install new water lines, maintain the equipment and put extra safety measures in place.

But what if you could minimize or eliminate those cost barriers?

Empex Watertoys® Aquatoys Plug ‘n’ Play line of ready-to-play spray park equipment makes it happen.

Each Aquatoy comes complete with it’s own pump, so there’s no need to install extra water lines or a separate pump system

Installs without needing a complex foundation or damaging the pool’s surface, in as little as six inches of water

Constructed for safety and low-maintenance durability with specialized plastics and tactile surfaces with no pinch points or protrusions

Covered by a lifetime guarantee against corrosion

Check Out These Aquatoys

Here’s just a small sampling of the range of Aquatoys available to convert your wading pool.

Baby Bungee – An often forgotten age group for spray parks, the baby bungee lets toddlers jump up and down in shallow water without parents needing to hold them.

Aquawave Pirate – We bet you never thought you could install a pirate-themed water slide in your wading pool!

Watertotter – One of the big pluses of Aquatoys is the opportunity for an interactive play they present and there’s no better example than the Watertotter.

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