4 Benefits of a Backyard Splash Pad

April 20th, 2022

You used to have to visit a water park or spray park to enjoy a splash pad. More recently, many new neighbourhoods include splash pads as part of the community park. And today, you can build your very own backyard splash pad.

If you’re thinking of installing a swimming pool, or you already have one and are looking for new ways to enjoy your yard, there are lots of benefits to installing a backyard splash pad.

1) They are Safer than Pools

With zero water depth, and rounded, plastic splash pad equipment, they are much safer than pools. There is very little risk of drowning and there will be far fewer scraped knees and elbows from falling on the pool deck.

2) Fewer Maintenance Requirements

Full-on splash pad needs similar equipment as a pool, including chlorine and water pumps. But it’s easier to keep a splash pad clean, you don’t have to worry about water levels, and openings and closings are less of a hassle. And many backyard splash pad kits work very well using only the water pressure from your garden hose — which means even less maintenance.

3) Lower Costs

Even if you do need chlorine and water pumps for your splash pad, you will not use either of them as much as with a pool. Installation costs are a fraction of a pool’s. And you have no fill-in costs when you no longer need the splash pad. also, less maintenance means less cost of maintenance, including chemicals, water and repair costs.

4) You Can Change it Up

Many backyard splash pad kits offer interchangeable water toys. First, that means you could have a theme to your splash pad. But, even better, you could have a completely different theme next year, without installing a new splash pad.


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