4 Ideas for For Splash Pads & Spray Parks During COVID-19 | June 2nd, 2020

June 2nd, 2020

Most spray parks and splash pads around the world would normally be in the full swim of things by this time of year. Instead, due to the regulation of public gatherings, it doesn’t seem likely that anyone will have any fun in water parks this summer.

But that doesn’t mean, as an owner, operator or manager of a splash pad or spray park, that you can’t make good use of the time until your facility reopens. Here are some ideas for your splash pads and spray parks during COVID-19.

Tips for Splash Pads and Spray Parks During COVID-19

Here are just a few ideas to help you “stay in the game” and be better than ever when your guests are allowed to return.

Stay in Touch – Keeping lines of communication open during the crisis will make it easier to use them when COVID quarantines are over. Stay in touch with your team, suppliers, colleagues, customers and even competitors if you can. We’re all in this together.

Take a Look at Your Marketing – If you market your site, those channels can help you bring back more customers when restrictions are lifted. Now’s a great time to reevaluate your marketing plans, optimize the website and fine-tune your email marketing.

Check Your Maintenance Checklists – You may not be able to do any maintenance due to the regulations. But it is a good idea to keep track of everything that should be maintained, including all your spray park equipment, facilities and even supplies. It will help you open faster when the time comes.

Keep an Eye on the News – If there’s one thing we’ve all learned during the COVID crisis, it is that the world can change quickly. Staying informed and up-to-date on general news, and particularly news of changing workplace regulations, will help you get your people back on the job and your park operational.

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