4 Ideas for Planning an Indoor Rec Centre | May 7th, 2020

May 7th, 2020

Unfortunately, most of us live in places where the weather means we need to spend part of the year indoors. For public parks and recreation departments, or hotel resort property managers, an indoor rec centre offers an opportunity to give your customers a place to stay active all year long.

Consider These Ideas for Indoor Rec Centres

Luckily, planning for an indoor rec centre lets you get a lot more creative now than it used to be. From overall theming to a wider variety of options for features in the centre, you can put it all together in a very unique facility.

Let in the Light – If there is one single feature that can make an indoor centre feel like an outdoor space, it’s lots of natural light. Eco-friendly window options, skylights and the right indoor lighting can make it all happen.

Make it a Living Space – Another way to make the space feel more natural is by bringing Mother Nature inside too. Living indoor landscapes of trees, shrubs and plants will thrive in the natural light and make the centre a healthier place to be.

Choose a Signature Feature – If you want to set your indoor recreation centre apart from the rest and give it a unique identity, choose a unique, signature feature. One example is an indoor spray park with a variety of water toys and play features. It’s an aspect that patrons will most remember about your facility.

Food & Beverage – While many rec centres stay away from offering food and beverage options, it may be more important to do so for an indoor rec centre. If the idea is to create an all-weather community space, then there will be times when it’s not convenient to go outside for a snack or refreshment.

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