4 Important Basics of Waterpark Management | June 14th, 2019


June 14th, 2019

Even if you grew up loving water parks and thinking that managing one would be the greatest job in the world, waterpark management can be one of the most demanding jobs in the amusement park, hospitality and resort industries.

A large part of the reason for that is the inherent responsibility of maintaining public safety in an environment that can breed germs and can lead to serious injury, or worse. But by instituting and a few basic guidelines, owners and managers of the largest water parks and smallest splash pads alike can optimize their management practices and run a safe, healthy and fun park.

How to Practice Good Waterpark Management

Of course, the list of things to do in managing any sort of amusement park is way too long for just one blog post. But the following general guidelines can be the framework for successful management practices.

1) Be Ready for an Emergency – Of course, you have your emergency protocols and checklists. But how often do you drill staff on emergency preparations? Does everyone know their role and are they practised for it in all kinds of emergencies? Are all public-facing staff members trained in CPR? Maintaining an environment that expects an emergency at any moment will maximize the =safety of your patrons and staff.

2) Enforce the Rules – Again, you may have a long list of rules that are easily visible to everyone who enjoys your waterpark. But without stringent enforcement, the rules can be ineffective.

3) Be Ready for the Off-Season – Yes, you’ll take the time for equipment repairs and maintenance, and the renovating and updating of facilities. But you can start planning for next season the minute you close for the season. And get permission from your seasonal employees to keep in touch with them via email so you can hopefully hire them again next year. It costs more than you think to hire and train new employees.

4) Listen to What Your Patrons Tell You – Yes, they can be demanding and difficult to deal with, but they are your greatest R&D and marketing research tool. Actively listening to your customers, making note of what they say, and considering their feedback in your planning is one of the best ways to make your park more attractive to all customers.

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