4 Splash Pad Design Tips You May Not Have Considered | Oct. 20th, 2021

October 20th, 2021

While summer is the time for enjoying splash pads, many splash pad design phases take place in the off-season. If you’re working on a new splash pad design for next season or later, here are just a few things you may not have considered.

Steel vs Plastic & Composite Fibreglass

You can actually design your park to reduce the chances of repair and maintenance problems. And you can do so with one decision. Choosing water features made of composite fibreglass and plastic over those made of steel. Your water features must perform day-in and day-out in the wet environment, potentially exposed to salt and chemicals. Composite fibreglass and plastic can withstand corrosion far longer than steel.

Look for a Line of Water Features You Can Mix ‘n’ Match

Splash pad equipment manufacturers often design their water features in themed sets. It’s a great idea that can add fun and creativity to your splash pad design. However, those theme sets can be very limiting if you can’t easily mix ‘n’ match equipment from different themes. Look for an equipment manufacturer whose products give you the most options for the mix of water features you choose.

Consider Installation, Maintenance & Repair Requirements

You can design the most appealing. well-laid-out splash pad ever. But if it costs too much to build or maintain, it may not be successful as possible. Many water play features need more substantial foundations and added plumbing for them to operate. Others may require more effort to perform regular maintenance and/or standard repairs. Investigate the ease of installation, maintenance and repairs of your water play feature before you choose them.

Think Interactivity

If there is one thing that will set your finished water park apart from the rest, at least in the eyes of its users, it is the element of interactivity in the water play features. Everyone loves to get splashed and sprayed. But when there are options to splash and spray each other, or in more creative ways, the experience is far more enjoyable.

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