4 Splash Pad Maintenance Tips | July 20th, 2021

July 20th, 2021

While we would all love to think that splash pads are opening all over the world this summer, the truth is your area may still face restrictions.

If you can see opening your facilities in the foreseeable future, you may need to perform a particularly thorough splash pad maintenance checklist, especially if you didn’t manage to open last summer.

Splash Pad Maintenance Checklist

Whether you use your regular start-up maintenance checklist, or you’re starting up from scratch, make sure the following items are on your lists.

Remove Stagnant Water from the Lines

Even if you ran through your closing checklist last time you did any maintenance, it’s tough to get rid of all the water in the system, and more could have entered due to precipitation and spring runoff.

Test Water Chemical Levels

To make sure you reopen with the highest possible water quality, you should test your chemical levels as soon as you know you’ll be opening, balance them, and check them daily after that.

Run the System ASAP

The sooner you start up the system, the sooner you’ll spot any issues, and the more time you’ll have to fix them. Make sure water flow is steady and meets the specifications for your system and equipment.

Check for leaks in all lines, joints and splash pad equipment and check that your water pressure regulators are working properly.

Inspect Your Water Toys

Look for cracks, chips, holes and wear and tear on all surfaces; make sure all joints fit properly and evenly, and inspect all water supply filters for debris buildup or blockages. Depending on the specifications for your play equipment, you may need to power wash and sanitize all surfaces before waxing them with a UV protectant.

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